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  • First published in 1928, this book is a fascinating insight into the then-perception of ritual magic and Witchcraft. Olliver traces the beliefs and practices of magic from its origin s thousands of years ago in  the 'fearsome demonologies' of religions through the 'devil-infested atmosphere of the Middle Ages' to modern day metaphysics. He also examines - among other subjects - symbolism; ancient texts; sexual worship; sorcery; teh Sabbat; witch trials; vampirism; werewolves; divination; astrology; alchemy and black and white magic.
  • December 21, 2012 may have been and gone - yet the passing of time does not make this book irrelevant.  The end of the world was never going to end with a mighty bang on this date: rather, this was the date that things would begin to change.  This is a very in-depth and heavily researched look into the Mayan Prophecies and what we might expect the future to be.
  • Journalist James Highgate and linguist Flavia Timmins journey to Xocomil in the Mayan Highlands to meet the custodian of a secret ancient text that holds the key between the Mayan God Kukulcan and the disciple St. Thomas and the destiny connection between these two.  Forget The Da Vinci Code - here's the real thing.
  • An international survey of the strange and scary that covers: the Haitian legends of voodoo, zombies, sorcerers and the evil figure of  Papa Doc; what the rise of Hitler, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the discovery of gold in Australia have in common; the Beast of  Gévaudan which terrorised a large area of France in the 1700s; the healing of astronaut John Glenn by Australian Aborigines; and some little-known events in the world of witchcraft, such as the Irish witch who, in the 14th century, poisoned her many husbands allegedly at the Devil's behest to the Tanzanian witchcraft trial of 1962. With beautiful colour photos and engravings, this is a real grab-bag of the weird, witchy and wonderful.
  • This is a roller coaster ride through the psyche with loads of laughs along the way. Barbara Biggs was a writer for the financial section of the Australian Financial Review and the Melbourne Herald Sun. She became a millionaire through property investing. In her younger years, she was a sex worker, having 'more sex than most people have had hot dinners'. Her sexploits were legendary - once advertising for a sugar daddy. Since then she has found a way to deeply satisfying sex.  She also draws oi the grass-roots wisdom from her mother's 30 years in the fantasy phone call business. She tells the reader why people read finance and sex books but don't follow the advice: because making money and sex isn't about strategies.  It's about emotional qualities such as risk-taking abilties, fear, going against the crowd and our own underlying beliefs. This could be the book that will change your life.
  • Stephen, one of  a rowdy gang of boys in a colliery village, was literally knocked head-over-heels into the Scouts by the Scoutmaster's car one Saturday. He had been getting into trouble out of boredom and selfishness; as a Scout, he found life much more interesting and purposeful. At camp, between a story from Skip and a daft adventure at midnight that landed him in the river, Stephen experienced an unforgettable dream which decided his future. Being human, Stephen did lose sight of his quest from time to time - but his decision had been made.
  • Are you afraid of making decisions...asking your boss for a pay rise...leaving an unfulfilling relationship...facing the future? Whatever your fear, this is the how-to book for you. Written in no nonsense term s and with plenty of commonsense, this volume contains the dynamic, energising techniques to let go of fear and move forward, step by step. Identifying what we are afraid of and why; how to move from victim to creator; the secret of making no-lose decisions; the ten-step process to out-talking the negative chatterbox within and most important of all, how to create more meaning in your life.
  • Need advice on business matters, health or affairs of the heart? Hazel brings a New Age awareness and interpretations to the I Ching, allowing easy access to this ancient wisdom and prophecy. Said to be the oldest book in the world, the I Ching is a source of divination from  Taoist and Confucian philosophy written by Chinese scholars over 3000 years ago. No-one knows exactly how the I Ching works - but work it does.
  • The once-isolated pagan community is finding new ways to make connections via the Internet and here is an unconventional look at Pagan-relevant topics, such as: weaving a new web for the ancient/future religion of Witchcraft; manipulating energy via electronic communication; accessing intuition in cyberspace; finding and creating  a sacred space online.