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  • A delightful book about learning to love and nurture yourself and others by understanding the true rhythms of life in the natural world. This book covers a range of disciplines and philosophies, ranging from the casting of spells and the brewing of love potions to harnessing the power of the Moon. There are also compatibility charts, useful exercises and important lessons, such as developing a sense of harmony and strength, cleansing your hurt feelings and empowering your intuition.  
  • The author just doesn't talk about freedom - the deep, natural joy and peace in the core of all beings - she gives a direct, living experience of it.  The reader is guided to the stillness and joy within to liberate emotional blocks, lift away negative self concepts, release old limitations and open to the magnificence of the Self.
  • Contains chapters on the Isle of Man, St. Patrick's Isle, Anglesey,  Caldy, Lundy, Iona, Arran, The Orkneys and the Isle of Wight  and many other British places regarded to be magically powerful.  Filled with colour and black and white photographs, pictures and woodcuts.
  • Freddie inhabits a body that is very hard to control and is unable to speak until he leaves the physical world and finds himself on the Lavender Cloud. Here, his wise guide Nicholas helps him to make sense of his experiences and introduces him to other children who have experienced the difficulties of living with cerebral palsy. They come from all countries and cultures on Earth; their stories encompass differences in customs, treatments, institutions and homes. Intertwined with these stories, Malu, a physiotherapist, provides a manual of care for the parents, carers and teachers who work with children with disabilities. Cerebral palsy is explained, exercises and equipment are suggested and skills are described.
  • Richard Bach made a promise, fifty years before, to return to the frightened child he used to be and teach him everything he had learned from living.  His promise went unfulfilled until one day, hovering between earth and sky, Richard encounters Dickie Bach, age nine - irrepressible challenger of every notion Richard embraces...In this spiritual adventure, Richard and Dickie probe the timeless questions both need answered if either is to be whole: Why does growing spiritually mean never growing up? Can we peacefully coexist with the consequences of our choices? Why is it that only by running from safety can we make our wildest dreams take flight?
  • What does it mean to dream of tunnels, rainbows, alarm bells, ravens, swimming, embarrassment or death? This book is a code book for unlocking the secrets and meanings of your dreams. Dreams are a combination of your deep subconscious emotions and your everyday life events. They are usually symbolic of inner hopes and fears and can give insight into the past, future and even how to proceed in certain matters. This is a very comprehensive guide with an alphabetic index.
  • A book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas that readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. It is intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life AND there is a plan based on the twelve principles for success and real-world action that can help you reach your goals.
  • Not the lead-up to 2012, but a look at what the world might be like in the years to come. Have other cultures shared this Doomsday prediction? Will the effects be immediate? Or will it be a longer process of spiritual growth?  Many aspects are examined: UFOs, crop circles, Government secrets and projects, Nostradamus, the Age of Aquarius the crystal skulls (yes, they do exist, they are not  exclusive to Indiana Jones), galactic synchronisation and much more. Black and white photographs.

  • A discussion of the thought differences between the view stated in A Course in Miracles and biblical Christianity.