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  • Written by one of the world's leading experts on dreams and their meaning, this book focuses on what happens to our brains while we are asleep and explains clearly and precisely what it all means. The author discusses the work of famous analysts such as Freud and Jung and writes reassuringly about learning to cope with nightmares and how to solve problems while asleep. Explore the magical realm of sleep and inner consciousness with this fascinating, illustrated guide to the world of dreams. Illustrated.
  • In the sacred literature of the world there is preserved the teaching of a Way or a Path, known to seekers of all ages, referred to in Holy Scripture as well as in mystical texts and although its description varies, it is always referred to as the one sure means of divine realisation. This book is concerned with outlining a Way, a process of transforming Man’s entire being through its expression in symbols and stages common to all great spiritual traditions. The Wheel, the Wilderness, the Spiral, the Labyrinth, the Rose, the Tree, the Fire and the Light are such images which are all produced and reacted to spontaneously by those who travel the path of Transcendence. This copy is the updated and revised second edition dated 1980.

  • From the zeros of the mathematician to the void of the philosophers, from Shakespeare to the empty set, from the ether to the quantum, from being and nothingness to creatio ex nihilo, there is much ado about nothing at the heart of things.  Recent discoveries in astronomy are shedding new light on the nature of the vacuum and its dramatic effect upon the explanation of the Universe.  This book ranges over every nook and cranny of nothingness to reveal how the human mind has to make something of nothing in every field of human enquiry.

  • They work alongside you in many of Australia's businesses and corporations. They intimidate fellow workers. They exhibit manipulative behaviour. They demonstrate lack of remorse. They are glib and superficially charming. They are the white collar psychopaths who exist in a variety of institutions. They are individuals who manipulate their way through life and leave an indelible mark on both their victims and society. They are destructive men and women - cunning, self-centered, ruthless and terrifying. What motivates these individuals? How can coworkers protect themselves from these "monsters" who hide behind a veneer of respectability? This guide provides a fascinating insight into the mind of the workplace psychopath. Drawing on studies and research in forensic psychology, it shows how to recognise and manage a workplace psychopath.
  • Atlantis...Avalon..Lemuria and Lyonesse; the country of the Amazons, the kingdom of Prester John and the realm of the Queen of Sheba... Stories of the lost or undiscovered worlds of antiquity have fascinated us through the ages - and will certainly continue to do so. The author examines both the scientific and the mystical of the problem  of historical or legendary lost worlds and sets out the evidence for the reader to asse4ss fact and fiction. With medieval maps and images.
  • Was there once a race of beings which were only partly human? If so, what became of them and where are they now? Here is a compelling scenario - if we are willing to consider the possibility of their existence. Here is an unusual dramatisation of the fierce battle between God's intention for Man and Satan's scheme to destroy it.
  • First published in 1936, the author examines the centuries-old fascination with witchcraft, sorcery and the supernatural. In times gone by the simple and credulous had limited ability to deal with phenomena of which they were ignorant. Many events and happenings beyond the 'normal' were regarded as malefic forces at work. In certain eras, witchcraft has been blamed for everything from curdled milk to bad luck. This is an account of the lore and practices of witchcraft, separating the reality of occult practices from the fear-filled imaginings as well as a guide to spells, salves and Sabbats for both male and female practitioners. There is also information on the witchhunts and the witch-hunters: the rigged 'trials', allegedly infallible and often absurd 'tests' that was meant to prove evil witchcraft and the false accusations.  Contents: Part I. Concerning Witchcraft: Fancy and Fact; The Short Way with Witches. Part II. The Witch-Hunters: Lancashire, Essex, Salem; Modern Instances. Part III. Warlocks Weird: The Magician in Spite of Himself; The Conjurers and the Crystal; The Kissing Witch. Part IV. Oddments: Lady Witches; Hoodoo; Not Witches.
  • Here are the non-comformist deals of Steiner’s youth that resulted from his study of mathematics, science and philosophy to culminate in a philosophy of life founded on individualistic truth and ethical individualism. It was written before Steiner converted to theosophy and began speaking of his clairvoyant research into spiritual realms. First published in 1916, this is the first English translation distinct as the only one sanctioned by Rudolf Steiner.

  • According to the author, the secret is within each of us and can set us free - but only with application and effort.  Every idea is made clear, there are case histories to read.  There is also a proven link between physical and mental ailments and spiritual ailments.  First published in 1958.