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  • Bentov - 'Ben' to his friends - says this book is the result of some living room discussions with friends over a period of time, which become more elaborate as topics were added. His dilemma was - at what point does one stop acquiring knowledge and start writing? He chose to write. Goal: to build a model of the Universe that will satisfy the need for a comprehensive picture of what our existence is all about.  In other words, a holistic model that encompasses not only the physical, observable universe that is our immediate environment and the distant universe as observed by astronomers, but the  'realities'  of our emotional, mental and intuitive components.

  • This complete handbook of magic and esoteric wisdom is the ideal reference for anyone interested in learning more about esotericism, folklore, paranormal phenomena, and mysteries. It provides a brief historical background on each topic and explains how mystical powers and magical arts can enrich your life. Also covered: astrology, palmistry, dowsing, color magic; the role of traditions, myths and folklore, including predictions of the future, the use of amulets, alchemy and druidism; stories and facts about magical and otherworldly creatures such as vampires, werewolves, elves, ghosts; fascinating information about nature magic with source rituals, predictions from fire, moon magic, ley lines, tree wisdom; and descriptions and testimonies of paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, automatic writing, poltergeists, reincarnation and telepathy.






  • Written in 1922, this book is still considered to be the most authoritative work on the occult, witchcraft and paganism.  Frazer attempted to define the shared elements of religious belief and scientific thought, discussing fertility rites, human sacrifice, the dying god, the scapegoat, and many other symbols and practices whose influences had extended into 20th-century culture. His thesis is that old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the worship and periodic sacrifice of a sacred king and that mankind progresses from magic through religious belief to scientific thought. This is a condensed version, in which the overall mastery of the subject is made much clearer and much more readable. Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.
  • For centuries, changes in science, historical thinking and philosophy have eroded traditional religious dogma and there was the chance that man could find himself quite alone and without resources except that which he can muster from within.  But there has also been  a new flow of thought as religion breaks free of the outworn, supernatural beliefs that presently stifle it. Based  on a BBC television series.
  • This is the story of Mary Slessor  (1848 - 1915) whose heroic service is commemorated in a window in the Victoria Art Gallery, Dundee. In 1874 there was a great wave of missionary enthusiasm and Mary Slessor answered the call.  In 1876 she set sail from Liverpool for Nigeria where she learned Efik, one of the numerous local languages, then began teaching. Because of her understanding of the native language and her bold personality Mary Slessor gained the trust and acceptance of the locals and was able to spread Christianity  while promoting women's rights and protecting native children.
  • Since ancient times, it has been believed that essential oils benefit the body, mind and spirit. Different oils and combinations of oils can be used to prevent and treat all manner of health problems and to enhance well-being. This is a fascinating guide through the most popular essential oils, together with practical advice. historical detail and beautiful illustrations.
  • Whether lost, a little astray or just firming your viewpoint, everyone is welcome to journey into their potential. By recognising all aspects of the self - physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic - we can create our own wisdom, our own guidance, our own peace and our own joy. This is about how you are and how you'd like to be; it's an encouragement of your experience of your chosen path and helps to bring about true awakening within that leads to the realisation  of your core essence.
  • The power of the pendulum has been used since the beginning of time. Those with the knowledge of its use have located buried treasure,  discovered water, divined the future and reaped all types of success. This book teaches you how to use a pendulum, how to make your own and how its powers can be used immediately. It also reveals the mysterious origins of the pendulum, its application in love and sex, choosing a diet or selecting a job, finding lost objects and even its use in healing.
  • Here is the revolutionary idea of Positive Psychology - which focuses on  strengths rather than weaknesses and asserts that happiness is not the result of good genes or random luck. Happiness can be cultivated by identifying and using the strengths and traits the individual already has: including kindness, generosity, originality, humour and optimism. These signature strengths can not only develop a natural buffer against misfortune and the experience of negative emotions, but can move lives up to a new and more positive plane.