Spiritual and Self Help

//Spiritual and Self Help
  • A comprehensive study of the mystical significance of the gemstones mentioned in the Bible, as well as all 62 minerals - from adamant to zircon - not forgetting the 'pearl of great price' and the 'salt of the earth'. Their use and origin is given as well as their significance in the Biblical narrative, Reviewed as a 'a deep mine of information, folklore, history and archeological discovery.'
  • Angels, usually seen as winged messengers between Heaven and Earth, are purely spiritual beings who will show themselves in any form. Many cultures have lore which tells of angels from a Divine Source, sent to relay messages to people on Earth and to assist in all areas of life. But which angel helps you with what?  Here is a guide to the history and powers of the angels, their special attributes, their roles and manifestation as mediators, guardians and companions, as well as rituals you can perform.  Beautifully illustrated.
  • Modern Paganism is a religion of choice, one that allows for the devotion to different Gods and Goddesses. Here the author and three other modern Pagan elders tell of their religious observances and show how demonstrating deep connections can work in your life. Explaining their intense working with specific deities corresponding with the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, Alexei Kondratiev writes on Brigit; Geoffrey W. Miller on Anubis; Maureen Reddington-Wilde on Aphrodite; and Harrow on Gaia. From the myths and stories surrounding each deity to rituals and exercises for their veneration, suggestions for personal retreats; vision quests and dream work - this is the ideal guide for those practitioners ready to interact more intensely with the Ancient Gods.
  • A companion to The Celestine Prophecy that helps readers expand knowledge from the Nine Insights; offers explanations and exercises for further revelations; and fosters personal growth by putting readers in touch with evidence from their own experience.
  • Have you ever suffered a loss - a relationship, a family member or friend, a job, a possession? If you are still attached to this past loss, it is holding up your life.  How about letting it go, in order to bring love, happiness and fulfilment into your life? To let go is one of the most valuable of healing principles because all problems involve some form of holding on or attachment. Psychologist and seminar leader Chuck Spezzano can lead the way through a step-by-step guide to letting go of these attachments and the beginning of healing. If you want to create change in your life and have a better future, then this is the book for you.
  • A profusely illustrated compendium of astrological knowledge that explores the significance of each of the twelve sun signs of the zodiac and the complementary effect of the moon in its different phases. Julia and Derek Parker are established leaders in the field of astrology. They combined their skills in 1971 with the publication of The Complete Astrologer, which became an international bestseller. This was followed by more than 40 books, including the highly successful Parker's Astrology. The Parkers have also broadcast and lectured throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Illustrated.  
  • Book only, despite the title.  Does not include essential oils.  Essential oils offer amazing benefits for your health, beauty and well-being. This work helps you learn how to use them as part of massages, facials, toners and compresses, how to combine them to widen their use, and how to use them to treat common ailments.
  • In 1983, Dr. Anderson was three weeks from death with severe memory loss, devastating fatigue and pain. After various healing attempts, he went into the wilderness to fast and pray - and then he was given a revelation and an inspired discovery of a unique combination of herbs which allowed thorough cleansing and revitalisation of his internal organs. Through a series of unusual events, he has developed his exceptional healing skills and helped tens of thousands achieve better health and ongoing, remarkable states of love and happiness.  A method which embraces and incorporates metaphysics as well as other spiritual disciplines.

  • For 2000 years, since it pierced the side of Christ, the Spear of Destiny has been invested with amazing occult power. This is the legend and its continuing fulfillment through the decline of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages and into the twentieth century. It tells the story of the chain of men who possessed the Spear, from Herod the Great to Adolf Hitler and how they sought to change the face of history by wielding its occult powers for good or evil. The Spear of Destiny is identified as the Spear of the Holy Grail mentioned in the sagas of the Dark Ages and shows the Grail to be a uniquely Western path to mind expansion. For the first time the Satanic occult development and faculties of Adolf Hitler are described in authentic and documented detail,   demonstrating how he furthered his aims and his conquest of the world by black magic practices. The final chapters describe a Manichean battle of worlds behind the changing scene of modern times.  With black and white photographs.