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  • An alleged lifelong student and practitioner of the magickal arts, Nathan Elkana has written many books on ancient mythology and magickal practices. Content includes: The Mysterious and Powerful World of Ceremonial  Magick; Magickal Rites and Ceremonies That Release A Tidal Wave of Cash, Wealth, Riches and Prosperity; Egyptian and Cabalistic Rites for Defeating Enemies and Gaining Power and Superiority in Life; How to Land A Windfall Of Romantic Pleasure and Fulfilment;  How To Draw Back a Straying Mate Through the Seductive Powers of Ceremonial Magick; Talismanic Magick - How It Can Change Your Luck and Bring You Good Fortune In Every Direction; Psychic Defence - How To Magickally Protect Yourself Against The Forces Of Evil; How to Acquire the Power Of 'Invisibility' and Use It To Immeasurably Enrich Your Life And Be One Step Ahead of Everyone; How To Use Your Innate Magickal Powers To Heal Yourself And Your Loved Ones; Two Powerful Rites That Induce Beauty And Turn Back The Clock; Master Grimoire Techniques That Triple The Power Of Every Magickal Rite And Ceremony; An Occult Glossary For The Aspiring Magician.  Note: When messing with magick, do not mess with the free will of others.
  • In 1983, Dr. Anderson was three weeks from death with severe memory loss, devastating fatigue and pain. After various healing attempts, he went into the wilderness to fast and pray - and then he was given a revelation and an inspired discovery of a unique combination of herbs which allowed thorough cleansing and revitalisation of his internal organs. Through a series of unusual events, he has developed his exceptional healing skills and helped tens of thousands achieve better health and ongoing, remarkable states of love and happiness.  A method which embraces and incorporates metaphysics as well as other spiritual disciplines.

  • Herbs have accompanied us since the dawn of Man.  They are a part of myth and legend, the secret ingredients of witches; they have beautified gardens and appeared in Shakespeare's  plays.  They have provided infinite value to health, beauty and cuisine.  Here re herbs and their uses, how to grow them, how to make herbal pillows, creams, shampoos and potpourris, as well as directions for extracting herbal essences for health or beauty.
  • First published in 1936, the author examines the centuries-old fascination with witchcraft, sorcery and the supernatural. In times gone by the simple and credulous had limited ability to deal with phenomena of which they were ignorant. Many events and happenings beyond the 'normal' were regarded as malefic forces at work. In certain eras, witchcraft has been blamed for everything from curdled milk to bad luck. This is an account of the lore and practices of witchcraft, separating the reality of occult practices from the fear-filled imaginings as well as a guide to spells, salves and Sabbats for both male and female practitioners. There is also information on the witchhunts and the witch-hunters: the rigged 'trials', allegedly infallible and often absurd 'tests' that was meant to prove evil witchcraft and the false accusations.  Contents: Part I. Concerning Witchcraft: Fancy and Fact; The Short Way with Witches. Part II. The Witch-Hunters: Lancashire, Essex, Salem; Modern Instances. Part III. Warlocks Weird: The Magician in Spite of Himself; The Conjurers and the Crystal; The Kissing Witch. Part IV. Oddments: Lady Witches; Hoodoo; Not Witches.
  • For 2000 years, since it pierced the side of Christ, the Spear of Destiny has been invested with amazing occult power. This is the legend and its continuing fulfillment through the decline of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages and into the twentieth century. It tells the story of the chain of men who possessed the Spear, from Herod the Great to Adolf Hitler and how they sought to change the face of history by wielding its occult powers for good or evil. The Spear of Destiny is identified as the Spear of the Holy Grail mentioned in the sagas of the Dark Ages and shows the Grail to be a uniquely Western path to mind expansion. For the first time the Satanic occult development and faculties of Adolf Hitler are described in authentic and documented detail,   demonstrating how he furthered his aims and his conquest of the world by black magic practices. The final chapters describe a Manichean battle of worlds behind the changing scene of modern times.  With black and white photographs.
  • Painful feelings can sabotage us, often when we least expect it. We can wake up feeling like a million dollars, but it can take only a second for a frown, a slight, a remembered failure to reduce us to zero - and that zero can last all day. Someone pushes a hot button, and in an instant self-castigating feelings are surging along every nerve fibre to knock out our self esteem. This book can teach how to identify and dispel those joy-robbers, those oppressive voices from the past which undermine us in the present. There are specific steps to examine those parental messages 'recorded' when we were children together with the often distorted assumptions we made about them. There's information on how to get the life-giving responses and recognition of others; how to identify the conflicting internal demands that tear us apart; and how to substitute effective types of protection for those unsatisfying habits of withdrawal, passivity, hostility and intellectualisation, all of which push people away and deprive us of love and support. And so much more. The Harrises write with personal experience and caring, careful sensitivity.
  • A fascinating A - Z guide to the traditions of astrology including Western, Chinese and Native American systems.  Beautifully illustrated with easy-to-follow charts, this is an exploration of techniques to provide  valuable insight into your destiny, character and relationships as well as your personal connection with the earth, nature and the four seasons.
  • Salt is incorruptible; and it is this quality which has given it a magickal significance for centuries. It has always been used in magick ritual as a repellent of evil forces; people would not enter a new home without first sprinkling salt outside its door, nor allow a new baby to leave home without carrying salt. Salt was often present at the swearing of oaths and sprinkled across gateways and doorsills or added to cleaning water to keep evil away.  This book contains 14 salt magick rites that can allegedly materialise a guardian angel, bring money to you, attract lovers, finding the ideal job and whole range of other blessings. Always remember: do as you will, if you harm none.
  • A comprehensive study of the mystical significance of the gemstones mentioned in the Bible, as well as all 62 minerals - from adamant to zircon - not forgetting the 'pearl of great price' and the 'salt of the earth'. Their use and origin is given as well as their significance in the Biblical narrative, Reviewed as a 'a deep mine of information, folklore, history and archeological discovery.'