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//Spiritual and Self Help
  • The message of this book is very simple: Right now, you can be happier. More things won't do it. Even a great relationship may not save you. The focus here is on the only place where real change can happen: in how you see yourself and relate to other people. The book uses practical guidance and warm, realistic inspiration to show clearly that while you can't always choose what happens in your life, you can choose your responses, values and behaviors - and the results are life changing. Here are skills and insights across all areas, from your most intimate relationships to your friendships, extended family, work and community. Psychologically positive and astute, it also looks at the big spiritual questions that let you value your life rather than just spending it. Small changes bring BIG results. 
  • Sarah Ban Breathnach wanted to offer men the same reflective book that she offered women in Simple Abundance. Yet, she also knew that she needed a man to help her represent an authentic male experience, a book that mined beneath the "Men Are from Mars" stereotypes and "Iron John" expectations. So she joined forces with Michael Segell, former "Men's Mind" columnist for Esquire and author of Standup Guy. From there, the duo gathered these contemplative, humorous, and mature essays written by a diverse sampling of men, including a backwoods hermit, mystical rabbi and world renowned rock star. Segell writes the poignant introductions to the essays while Ban Breathnach inserts her personal responses at the end of particularly provocative essays. At times she sounds like an interloper in a "boy's only" tree fort club, her comments sounding out of place within these private moments of male bonding. Yet she forces readers, men and women alike, to acknowledge the feminine within the male experience, a goal that we tend to resist.
  • If you're re-examining your priorities or searching for a sense of purpose, here is the explanation and guide to finding happiness and fulfilment by understanding the true essence of the sun sign. There are examples of people past and present, famous and unknown - Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Bill Gates - that all paint a rich, detailed picture of each sun sign personality. Ancient esoteric lore and myth combine with practical, down-to-earth advice and unerringly accurate observations. Are some sun signs better able to cope with change or embrace new technology? What challenges will competitive Aries find? Why is marriage such an important issue for Librans? Why are Taureans so preoccupied with financial security? What work do Geminis excel at? Is it true that Sagittarius is a lucky sign? Are Scorpios really the sexiest sign of the zodiac? If you want a better understanding of yourself and others, this could be the book for you.
  • Herbs have accompanied us since the dawn of Man.  They are a part of myth and legend, the secret ingredients of witches; they have beautified gardens and appeared in Shakespeare's  plays.  They have provided infinite value to health, beauty and cuisine.  Here re herbs and their uses, how to grow them, how to make herbal pillows, creams, shampoos and potpourris, as well as directions for extracting herbal essences for health or beauty.
  • Written  by two highly-experienced Tarot readers, this introduction book covers what the Tarot is; the cards; the Major and Minor Arcana;how to use the cards, different spreads and layouts and further instruction. Illustrated.
  • Respected practitioner Vivianne Crowley offers this neat beginner's handbook on Wicca - What Wicca Is; The Origins of Wicca; Practising Wicca; The Elements; Nature; Magic; The Gods; Rituals. Illustrated.
  • Painful feelings can sabotage us, often when we least expect it. We can wake up feeling like a million dollars, but it can take only a second for a frown, a slight, a remembered failure to reduce us to zero - and that zero can last all day. Someone pushes a hot button, and in an instant self-castigating feelings are surging along every nerve fibre to knock out our self esteem. This book can teach how to identify and dispel those joy-robbers, those oppressive voices from the past which undermine us in the present. There are specific steps to examine those parental messages 'recorded' when we were children together with the often distorted assumptions we made about them. There's information on how to get the life-giving responses and recognition of others; how to identify the conflicting internal demands that tear us apart; and how to substitute effective types of protection for those unsatisfying habits of withdrawal, passivity, hostility and intellectualisation, all of which push people away and deprive us of love and support. And so much more. The Harrises write with personal experience and caring, careful sensitivity.
  • Jung died in 1961 without ever having presented a systematic summary of his psychology. For the past 30-plus years, his ideas have been explored, explained and amplified by thousands of others with varying results. This book takes the reader to the source. It was designed for those seeking an understanding of relevant terms and concepts as they were used by Jung himself. There are choice extracts from his Collected Works but no reference to other writers. It is not a critique or a defence of Jung's though but a guide to its richness and an illustration of the broad scope and inter-relationship of his interests. Overall, the Lexicon contains a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of analytical psychology.
  • The author has brought together - in a logical and readable way - the information needed to support our personal transformation, from the secret life of the unborn child to the threshold of illumination. An excellent basic text for transformational courses and a remarkable book for anyone involved in transformational work.