Spiritual and Self Help

//Spiritual and Self Help
  • Here is an encounter with Power, Authority, Healing and Mystery - and how to use these things wisely for the benefit of all concerned.
  • Hamilton 'Hap' Barhydt (1928-2007) with a BS in physics from Yale and a PhD in engineering physics, worked on the development of guided missiles and infrared imaging systems, then twenty-nine years of innovation in electro-optics at the Hughes Aircraft Company.  But as the Vietnamese War wound down, he began to question the morality of his work.  His soul-searching led to a journey to the ancient holy places of the Mediterranean in the company of a group of New Agers.  Poetry, photos and commentary explore the ideas of ancient Greece, the early goddess religions and spiritual healing; the secrets of the Giza Plateau; Jerusalem, the centre of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; the aspects of Sufism and an early Christian upbringing integrated with Buddhism. It also led him to his wife, Elizabeth and the founding of Loving Life, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to research and teaching in touch healing.
  • Martin Seligman has meticulously analysed the most authoritative scientific research on treatments for alcoholism, anxiety, weight loss, anger, depression, and a range of phobias and obsessions to discover what is the most effective way to address each condition. He frankly reports what does not work and pinpoints the techniques and therapies that work best for each condition, discussing why they work and how you can use them to make long-lasting change. He covers the four natural healing factors for recovering from alcoholism; the vital difference between overeating and being overweight; the four therapies that work for depression, the pros and cons of anger - and much more.
  • A merry introduction for good would-be magic-makers to a world of spells, charms, amulets and practical magic for everyday concerns. It explores the main concepts and philosophy behind modern witchcraft and explains the basic rituals, what tools you will need and simple spells and charms for love and luck, friendship, good health, recovering lost objects, dispelling conflict, thwarting gossip and more. Illustrated.
  • For everything that exists, there is someone, somewhere, who is deathly afraid of it.  Such as pupaphobia  (fear of puppets) ; biniphobia (terror of twins) and ecdysiaphobia (scared of strippers).  Even the rich and famous have their terrors:  Actress Betty Grable was terrified of crowds; Roger '007' Moore fears firearms (!)  and Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a "Harry Potter" can't stand clowns (coulrophobia).  A fascinating peek into our psyche that not only names our fears but explains them.
  • Respected practitioner Vivianne Crowley offers this neat beginner's handbook on Wicca - What Wicca Is; The Origins of Wicca; Practising Wicca; The Elements; Nature; Magic; The Gods; Rituals. Illustrated.
  • The author presents eight  archetypes that Wiccans can model their lives and goals upon and which are suitable for anyone following a spiritual system.  He also shows the five cornerstones to the magick of being a Wiccan Warrior. This author knows whereof he speaks:  he is a former policeman who applied his faith, his beliefs and the Cornerstones to his working life.
  • After Witch: A Personal Journey, Fiona reveals even more of the intimate secrets and know-how of her spiritual calling, including rituals, spells and incarnations; festivals and sacred sites; details about Goddesses, Gods and familiars; cyber Witchcraft; interviews with other Witches and much, much more.  She also delves into the daily business of being a modern Witch at home, work and play; and how to cope with the spiritual intensity of following the Pagan path. Illustrated.
  • How do shamans set about drumming up the spirits? What takes place at a seance? What happened in Salem to bring about the most horrific witch hunts in history? Who was Eliphas Levi? What is ritual magic? All this and more is answered here.