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  • The power of the pendulum has been used since the beginning of time. Those with the knowledge of its use have located buried treasure,  discovered water, divined the future and reaped all types of success. This book teaches you how to use a pendulum, how to make your own and how its powers can be used immediately. It also reveals the mysterious origins of the pendulum, its application in love and sex, choosing a diet or selecting a job, finding lost objects and even its use in healing.
  • We've al had the experience of wanting something - a parking space, or the perfect partner - and like magic, there it is. Coincidence...or is it? Barbel Mohr explains through her theory of cosmic ordering, that it's anything but random luck. In this sequel to Cosmic Ordering she delves deeper into the idea of placing orders with the universe, with more hints and ideas behind the belief that we are in charge of our own reality. She relates her own experiences as well as stories from readers who've used the Cosmic Ordering Service themselves. Learn why it's best not to tell people about your cosmic orders before they are delivered, what you need to know to get started, plus more tricks to get what you want.
  • Eckhart Tolle has emerged as one of the world’s most inspiring spiritual teachers, sharing the enlightenment that he experienced after a startling personal transformation. His views go beyond any particular religion, doctrine or guru. This book extracts the essence from his teachings in The Power of Now, showing us how to free ourselves from “enslavement to the mind.” The aim is to be able to enter into and sustain an awakened state of consciousness throughout everyday life. Through meditations and simple techniques, Eckhart shows us how to quiet our thoughts, see the world in the present moment, and find a path to “a life of grace, ease, and lightness.”
  • Wayne Dyer offers compelling testimony on the power of love, harmony, and service. When confronted with a problem, be it ill health, financial worries, or relationship difficulties, we often depend on intellect to solve it. In this radical book, Dyer shows us that there is an omnipotent spiritual force at our fingertips that contains the solution to our problems. The first part of the book provides the essential foundation for spiritual problem solving, drawing from the wisdom of Patanjali, a Yogi mystic; the second half is organised around the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, whose legacy is one of love, harmony, and service. Each chapter contains specific practical applications for applying the teachings of these wise men to everyday problems, including affirmations, writing exercises, and guided meditations.
  • If you really want to heal your life, you will need this interactive workbook. It directly applies Louise's techniques of self-love and positive thinking to a wide range of topics that effect us all on a daily basis, including: health fears and phobias; sex; self-esteem; money and prosperity; friendship;  addictive behaviour; work; and intimacy.
  • The late Louise L. Hay, bestselling author, was internationally known as a leader in the self-help field. Her key message is: If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.  Louise also shared her own harrowing experiences in the volume and how she overcame them. Chapters: What I Believe;  What Is the Problem? Where Does It Come From? Is It True? What Do we Do Now?  Resistance to Change;  How to Change;  Building the New; Daily Work;  Relationships; Work; Success; Prosperity; The Body. Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. With You Can Heal Your Life you will not only improve your life, but also improve the lives of all those around you. https://cosmiccauldronbooks.com.au/p/love-heal-life-workbook-louise-hay/
  • Deepk Chopra sheds light on 20 life-enhancing principles for rediscovering the magic that we have lost, but that remains within our grasp. The result is a practical and accessible guide to one of life's shortest but most rewarding journeys: the one into the realm of boundless possibilities that exist within and all around us. Take the journey using the themes and metaphysics of the medieval Arthurian myth and a development of Merlin's philosophy and application of magic.
  • Are you afraid of making decisions...asking your boss for a pay rise...leaving an unfulfilling relationship...facing the future? Whatever your fear, this is the how-to book for you. Written in no nonsense term s and with plenty of commonsense, this volume contains the dynamic, energising techniques to let go of fear and move forward, step by step. Identifying what we are afraid of and why; how to move from victim to creator; the secret of making no-lose decisions; the ten-step process to out-talking the negative chatterbox within and most important of all, how to create more meaning in your life.
  • A book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas that readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. It is intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life AND there is a plan based on the twelve principles for success and real-world action that can help you reach your goals.