Spiritual and Self Help

//Spiritual and Self Help
  • The Tarot is a form of fortune-telling, or predicting events that has been used for many centuries to provide guidance and help people understand the emotional issues influencing their lives. Simply Tarot will show you how Tarot can bring insight to personal and professional situations and how it can positively influence your life.  There are excellent illustrations of each of the 78 cards, their meanings, different layouts and a glossary of terms.
  • Explores the ever-growing spectrum of approaches to self-healing through psychic control - from Arigo's 'rusty knife' surgery and Edgar Cayce's triune concept to Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy and more, far beyond the traditional western views. The author examines the unity of mind, body and spirit as it relates to health and disease.
  • A book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas that readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. It is intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life AND there is a plan based on the twelve principles for success and real-world action that can help you reach your goals.
  • First published in 1991, Parkers' Astrology is universally acknowledged as one of the best practical introductions to astrology for interested amateurs and budding professionals. It has now been expanded and updated for a new generation and includes the latest developments in astrology, from the effect of the comet/asteroid Chiron to Astro'Carto'Graphy - the new technique of location astrology. There is also a fresh look at the ancient art of horary astrology and explores advanced birth chart techniques using midpoints, harmonics and the moon's nodes. Beautifully illustrated.
  • An extensive look at the anatomy of man and in particular the ray energies which give rise to the physical and psychological make-up of the individual. There are insights into behaviour patterns, the application of radionic analysis techniques to the field of spiritual psychology and a full outline of the transpersonal self and personality, enabling an understanding of the ways they interact.

  • For everything that exists, there is someone, somewhere, who is deathly afraid of it.  Such as pupaphobia  (fear of puppets) ; biniphobia (terror of twins) and ecdysiaphobia (scared of strippers).  Even the rich and famous have their terrors:  Actress Betty Grable was terrified of crowds; Roger '007' Moore fears firearms (!)  and Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a "Harry Potter" can't stand clowns (coulrophobia).  A fascinating peek into our psyche that not only names our fears but explains them.
  • This complete handbook of magic and esoteric wisdom is the ideal reference for anyone interested in learning more about esotericism, folklore, paranormal phenomena, and mysteries. It provides a brief historical background on each topic and explains how mystical powers and magical arts can enrich your life. Also covered: astrology, palmistry, dowsing, color magic; the role of traditions, myths and folklore, including predictions of the future, the use of amulets, alchemy and druidism; stories and facts about magical and otherworldly creatures such as vampires, werewolves, elves, ghosts; fascinating information about nature magic with source rituals, predictions from fire, moon magic, ley lines, tree wisdom; and descriptions and testimonies of paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, automatic writing, poltergeists, reincarnation and telepathy.






  • According to the author, the secret is within each of us and can set us free - but only with application and effort.  Every idea is made clear, there are case histories to read.  There is also a proven link between physical and mental ailments and spiritual ailments.  First published in 1958.
  • A unique and detailed study of the Horned God in the Traditional Witchcraft of Britain and Europe, concentrating upon the hunting, agricultural, arboreal and mystical facets of this most compelling and enduring of divine archetypes. Includes:  'Master of the Beasts' in neolithic iconography;  the White Stag of Annwyn and the Horned God of Celtia; Cernunnos, Gwyn and Fionn;  Wild Edric, Herne and Harlequin; Rough Musick and 'Riding the Stang';  Saturnus and the Cult of Misrule; the Man-in-Black and the Road to the Sabbat; the Masques of Old Scrat; The Red Bones of Resurrection  and the symbology of the Skull and Crossbones in Witchcraft; Wudewasa - The Knowledge of the Green Man; Wild Men, Woodwoses,  Hob-Satyrs and the God of the Goatskins; Robin Goodfellow and the Pwca; the Great God Faunus - Pan; The Cult of the Buxen;   and much more. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the reader is given a number of Traditional Rituals, corresponding to specific aspects of the Old One: The Rite of the Horns of Misrule; The Ceremony of the Red Bones; The Knowledge of the Green One and the working The Fire of Qayin, making this volume an esoteric grimoire of the inner Religion of the Horned One.