Spiritual and Self Help

//Spiritual and Self Help
  • A compelling vision of the new spiritual understanding that is emerging in human culture... as contained in an an ancient manuscript that contains the Nine Insights. The First Insight is recognisable: in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences - sudden, synchronistic events that once interpreted,  serve to guide and direct our actions. A modern parable that will lead the reader on a Journey to lighten the soul and connect with visions and experiences that are changing the world.https://cosmiccauldronbooks.com.au/p/experiential-guide-james-redfield-carol-adrienne/
  • After Witch: A Personal Journey, Fiona reveals even more of the intimate secrets and know-how of her spiritual calling, including rituals, spells and incarnations; festivals and sacred sites; details about Goddesses, Gods and familiars; cyber Witchcraft; interviews with other Witches and much, much more.  She also delves into the daily business of being a modern Witch at home, work and play; and how to cope with the spiritual intensity of following the Pagan path. Illustrated.
  • Painful feelings can sabotage us, often when we least expect it. We can wake up feeling like a million dollars, but it can take only a second for a frown, a slight, a remembered failure to reduce us to zero - and that zero can last all day. Someone pushes a hot button, and in an instant self-castigating feelings are surging along every nerve fibre to knock out our self esteem. This book can teach how to identify and dispel those joy-robbers, those oppressive voices from the past which undermine us in the present. There are specific steps to examine those parental messages 'recorded' when we were children together with the often distorted assumptions we made about them. There's information on how to get the life-giving responses and recognition of others; how to identify the conflicting internal demands that tear us apart; and how to substitute effective types of protection for those unsatisfying habits of withdrawal, passivity, hostility and intellectualisation, all of which push people away and deprive us of love and support. And so much more. The Harrises write with personal experience and caring, careful sensitivity.
  • The lines on a palm, the symbols of the tarot, even the suits and numbers on playing cards - these are some of the remarkable ways to tell fortunes. Practice any of 16 methods to glimpse what may be in store for you, your friends, and family: numerology, runes, crystal gazing, the I Ching, astrology, dream interpretation and more. Or step into the past and trace predictions of famous fortunetellers, such as Nostradamus.Illustrated.
  • Written by one of the world's leading experts on dreams and their meaning, this book focuses on what happens to our brains while we are asleep and explains clearly and precisely what it all means. The author discusses the work of famous analysts such as Freud and Jung and writes reassuringly about learning to cope with nightmares and how to solve problems while asleep. Explore the magical realm of sleep and inner consciousness with this fascinating, illustrated guide to the world of dreams. Illustrated.
  • A merry introduction for good would-be magic-makers to a world of spells, charms, amulets and practical magic for everyday concerns. It explores the main concepts and philosophy behind modern witchcraft and explains the basic rituals, what tools you will need and simple spells and charms for love and luck, friendship, good health, recovering lost objects, dispelling conflict, thwarting gossip and more. Illustrated.
  • What happens in our mind when we dream? Why do we need to dream and what do those vivid images mean?  What do they tell us about ourselves? Dreams have always been a source of fascination and this book is a guide to benefitting from dream analysis. Whether they are absurd, vivid, frightening or puzzling, dreams are the universal language with archetypal symbols understood by everyone. Not only does this book explore the theories of dreams, it also contains suggestions on  interpreting and possibly acting upon your dreams.
  • Other guides to the zodiac usually offer just the basic facts - this one provides much more.  Brilliant color paintings on every page capture the magic of the stars, the planets, and the astrological symbols. Follow this sacred art from its earliest days to its dramatic rebirth in our century as people search for meaning in the events that affect their lives. Images and photographs of artifacts from all these periods attest to the important role played by astrology. The sections devoted to each sign feature all the symbols associated with it, along with detailed explanations of the personality, romantic tendencies, and career interests of those born under that sign. Even more intriguing are the descriptions of the different branches of astrology, including Karmic (past lives); Electional (which looks at timing); Horary (for specific questions); and others.
  • A delightful book about learning to love and nurture yourself and others by understanding the true rhythms of life in the natural world. This book covers a range of disciplines and philosophies, ranging from the casting of spells and the brewing of love potions to harnessing the power of the Moon. There are also compatibility charts, useful exercises and important lessons, such as developing a sense of harmony and strength, cleansing your hurt feelings and empowering your intuition.