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  • For everything that exists, there is someone, somewhere, who is deathly afraid of it.  Such as pupaphobia  (fear of puppets) ; biniphobia (terror of twins) and ecdysiaphobia (scared of strippers).  Even the rich and famous have their terrors:  Actress Betty Grable was terrified of crowds; Roger '007' Moore fears firearms (!)  and Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a "Harry Potter" can't stand clowns (coulrophobia).  A fascinating peek into our psyche that not only names our fears but explains them.
  • Respected practitioner Vivianne Crowley offers this neat beginner's handbook on Wicca - What Wicca Is; The Origins of Wicca; Practising Wicca; The Elements; Nature; Magic; The Gods; Rituals. Illustrated.
  • The author presents eight  archetypes that Wiccans can model their lives and goals upon and which are suitable for anyone following a spiritual system.  He also shows the five cornerstones to the magick of being a Wiccan Warrior. This author knows whereof he speaks:  he is a former policeman who applied his faith, his beliefs and the Cornerstones to his working life.
  • Fifteen years on the city streets -and  Wezzo survived. Will is the story of Wezzo and Geoff, two school friends with the world at their feet, whose choices lead them down vastly different paths. Later, their worlds collide and once again they become uniquely linked. All of us make choices. But what happens when our choices plunge us into despair? What can we do? Who do we turn to? Wezzo's choices leave him homeless on the city streets of Newcastle, Australia, while Geoff's choices trap him in a maze of diabolical white-collar corruption. Yet they'd both started out full of hopes and dreams. Will is about triumph in the midst of tragedy, love lost, purpose found; the strongest of families torn apart then re-created in the most unlikely place. In a world hobbled with epidemic homelessness, Will portrays 'streeties'   as gifted individuals who deserve another chance, rather than as shameful failures. Will contrasts the victims and the victors, the hopeless and the hopeful, a challenge not only to think about destiny - but to resolve it. And the ending...?  It's definitely a surprise...

  • After Witch: A Personal Journey, Fiona reveals even more of the intimate secrets and know-how of her spiritual calling, including rituals, spells and incarnations; festivals and sacred sites; details about Goddesses, Gods and familiars; cyber Witchcraft; interviews with other Witches and much, much more.  She also delves into the daily business of being a modern Witch at home, work and play; and how to cope with the spiritual intensity of following the Pagan path. Illustrated.
  • How do shamans set about drumming up the spirits? What takes place at a seance? What happened in Salem to bring about the most horrific witch hunts in history? Who was Eliphas Levi? What is ritual magic? All this and more is answered here.
  • The secrets of the occult world...revealed. A book that has been published by several publishing houses, the chapters include: Drumming Up The Spirits; Rites and Wrongs; Sex, Sin and Sacrament; Eliphas Levi - Magician; Ritual Magic; Symbols, Signs and Ceremonies; The Power of Witchcraft; Sex, Sorcery and Seances; The Elixir of Life; Alchemy's Hidden Truth; The Witchunts of Salem; The Bell Witch Strikes. With black and white photographs and illustrations.
  • The once-isolated pagan community is finding new ways to make connections via the Internet and here is an unconventional look at Pagan-relevant topics, such as: weaving a new web for the ancient/future religion of Witchcraft; manipulating energy via electronic communication; accessing intuition in cyberspace; finding and creating  a sacred space online.
  • First published in 1936, the author examines the centuries-old fascination with witchcraft, sorcery and the supernatural. In times gone by the simple and credulous had limited ability to deal with phenomena of which they were ignorant. Many events and happenings beyond the 'normal' were regarded as malefic forces at work. In certain eras, witchcraft has been blamed for everything from curdled milk to bad luck. This is an account of the lore and practices of witchcraft, separating the reality of occult practices from the fear-filled imaginings as well as a guide to spells, salves and Sabbats for both male and female practitioners. There is also information on the witchhunts and the witch-hunters: the rigged 'trials', allegedly infallible and often absurd 'tests' that was meant to prove evil witchcraft and the false accusations.  Contents: Part I. Concerning Witchcraft: Fancy and Fact; The Short Way with Witches. Part II. The Witch-Hunters: Lancashire, Essex, Salem; Modern Instances. Part III. Warlocks Weird: The Magician in Spite of Himself; The Conjurers and the Crystal; The Kissing Witch. Part IV. Oddments: Lady Witches; Hoodoo; Not Witches.