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  • Edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce. Cayce demonstrates techniques for dream interpretation - predicting the future; discovering hidden personal talents; relieving nervous tension; making money; rearing children; discovering past lives; developing ESP; and gaining insight into this life and beyond.

  • Edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce. Composed mainly of Cayce's own words from the thousands of files at the Cayce Foundation, this is the definitive work on Cayce's achievements in parapsychological phenomena. ESP topics covered include: out of body travel; unusual incidences of clairvoyance; auras; telepathy; missing persons; precognition and prophecy; dreams; and psychic development in individuals

  • Edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce. Out of 14,000 of Cayce's recorded readings, more than 9,000 dealt with health.  Cayce's ability to diagnose, while in trance, the physical disorders of a person he had never met, who might be hundreds of miles away and then suggest effective treatment remains one of the most astonishing psychic feats of modern times. Here, a dozen cases are scrutinised by professional writer Carter and modern M.D. McGarey. What sort of person consulted Cayce? What did the readings mean to those who received them? What light does advances in modern medicine shed on his then-unorthodox recommendations for treatment? A fascinating and often surprising book.

  • Elbert Green Hubbard -  American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher.He is known as the founder of the Roycroft artisan community in East Aurora, New York, an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He believed in social, economic, domestic, political, mental and spiritual freedom - and believed in sharing it. This is his collection of wisdom that he found in literature of ages past, from Confucius to John D. Rockefeller. And wisdom never goes out of style.
  • Louise Hay's goal was to see that all women experience self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, personal and professional success and a powerful place in society. In her warm and forthright manner, she offered penetrating insights on how women of all ages and backgrounds could achieve this goal and make the coming years productive, fulfilling and empowering.  Warning: Louise Hay's books are not for the faint-hearted or lazy.
  • Do you live in fear that one day someone you respect will open your cupboards and find the awful truth? Have you ever replaced a broken item then carefully kept the broken bits - 'just in case'? Have you ever threatened bodily harm to anyone who opens a drawer in front of company? Has most of the junk stored away in your ceiling/garage/back shed/spare room/under your house lain there for years - unused?  If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this book is for you. Here are all the practicalities - and emotions - of dealing with clutter, how to get rid of it and how to store what you do keep, as well as the most hilarious (and feeble) excuses for hanging onto it. There's sections on dealing with kid-clutter, too.  Very easy to read.
  • The author just doesn't talk about freedom - the deep, natural joy and peace in the core of all beings - she gives a direct, living experience of it.  The reader is guided to the stillness and joy within to liberate emotional blocks, lift away negative self concepts, release old limitations and open to the magnificence of the Self.
  • A spiritual journey from the depths to the ultimate heights.
  • Explores the ever-growing spectrum of self healing approaches, from Arigo's 'rusty knife' surgery, Edgar Cayce's triune concept to Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy and more, far beyond the traditional western views.
  • With plenty of photographs - some of which are very eerie - and covering a wide range of ghost-related topics: definition of a ghost; homage to the spirits of the dead; poltergeists and magicians; phantom drummers and ghostly warnings; ghost shows, phantom ships and the birth of spiritualism; ghost photos and ghostly phenomena in the modern day as well as explorations of the famous Cock Lane Ghost and the Moving Coffins of Barbados. Illustrated with black and white photographs.

  • ABC TV and radio presenter Terry Lane - a former clergyman - certainly got the scoop interview of the millennia, which will answer a lot of important questions: Is there a God? Does She care about this planet? Why does She permit the innocent to suffer? Why does She permit the wicked to prosper? Does She have 'chosen people'? Why are Christians so nasty to each other? Did She write the Bible? Is there life after death? Who - or what - was Jesus? Presented in a light-hearted and humorous why that's guaranteed to make you think...and Terry Lane says if you don't like this particular conversation with God then you should record your own.
  • We talk about aging gracefully but then we dread the inevitable decline in our health, our looks, our sexuality and even just our pleasure in Life itself.  But Dr. Christiane has proven that growing older can be an entirely different experience. "Taking all the right pills...having all the right procedures...isn't the prescription for anti-aging...It's about vitality, the creative force that gives birth to new life."
  • Buckland explores and instructs in various methods of conducting paranormal experiments including astral projections, talking oards, hauntings, numerology, palmistry, scrying, ceremonial magic, tarot and many others.  A good basic guide from a responsible writer.
  • First published in 1928, this book is a fascinating insight into the then-perception of ritual magic and Witchcraft.
  • Here is the rich heritage of mythology surrounding Pele, the volcano Goddess of ancient Hawaii, still revered and worshipped today.  There are also adventurous tales of Pele's sister Hi'iaka, the love affair with the half-man, half-pig Kamapua'a and the snow Goddess Poliahu.
  • A wealth of health information with chapters on Food as Medicine; Digestion and Absorption; Food Profiles; The Best Foods For Particular Health Problems and of course, recipes. There is in-depth detail on why certain foods work the way they do and all information is backed by scientific research.