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  • Need advice on business matters, health or affairs of the heart? Hazel brings a New Age awareness and interpretations to the I Ching, allowing easy access to this ancient wisdom and prophecy. Said to be the oldest book in the world, the I Ching is a source of divination from  Taoist and Confucian philosophy written by Chinese scholars over 3000 years ago. No-one knows exactly how the I Ching works - but work it does.
  • This second book in the series contains 143 additional quatrains written and deciphered by Nostradamus. He emphasised that humanity could change the future if we knew which time-lines we were travelling on and what the results of that path would be.  Humanity is not powerless - much of the horror seen by Nostradamus can be averted. This volume includes the horoscope of the Anti-Christ; the correlation of 666 (the mark of the Beast) and computers; more about World War III and which countries will be affected; how AIDS was a planned disease by those in power, and when the cure will be found; dangerous new technology capable of controlling the weather and creating earthquakes; which continents will survive the axial shift of the Earth and the melting polar ice-caps; an estimation of the date of the axial shift - and what the world will look like after the war and the shift.
  • We've al had the experience of wanting something - a parking space, or the perfect partner - and like magic, there it is. Coincidence...or is it? Barbel Mohr explains through her theory of cosmic ordering, that it's anything but random luck. In this sequel to Cosmic Ordering she delves deeper into the idea of placing orders with the universe, with more hints and ideas behind the belief that we are in charge of our own reality. She relates her own experiences as well as stories from readers who've used the Cosmic Ordering Service themselves. Learn why it's best not to tell people about your cosmic orders before they are delivered, what you need to know to get started, plus more tricks to get what you want.
  • A book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas that readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. It is intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life AND there is a plan based on the twelve principles for success and real-world action that can help you reach your goals.
  • A comprehensive study of the mystical significance of the gemstones mentioned in the Bible, as well as all 62 minerals - from adamant to zircon - not forgetting the 'pearl of great price' and the 'salt of the earth'. Their use and origin is given as well as their significance in the Biblical narrative, Reviewed as a 'a deep mine of information, folklore, history and archeological discovery.'
  • A  lovely little pocket-sized book to open at random any day of the week and enjoy the inspirational wisdom therein. "Look at the big picture -love is always there." "Rather than criticise someone, praise them - you'll be astonished at the rewards." "Give yourself a break from making judgements. Occasionally, try accepting things just as they are."
  • The third book by this author demonstrates how Paul summarised the Gospel in Romans 1 - 8. Paul also made a devastating analysis of the sinfulness of his culture as did Jeremiah in a former age. Written against the backdrop of the Sixties countercultural upheaval and with prophetic force, Dr. Schaeffer presents the case that Jeremiah's denunciations could also apply to modern times. In light of 9/11, Schaeffer seems disturbingly prophetic and he concerns himself with the moral and spiritual death that suffocates truth, meaning and beauty out of the urban culture. He advocates belief and action as well as commitment and compassion. 
  • December 21, 2012 may have been and gone - yet the passing of time does not make this book irrelevant.  The end of the world was never going to end with a mighty bang on this date: rather, this was the date that things would begin to change.  This is a very in-depth and heavily researched look into the Mayan Prophecies and what we might expect the future to be.
  • The Infernal of Infernals...The Fallen One...The Majesty of a Million Hells...the Dark Shadow...the Adversary...Lucifer...The Devil. A colloquy with the Prince of Darkness  - a sequence of tart, ironic and deadly serious dialogues between Archangel Michael and the Mover of the Underworld that undertakes to illuminate some of the central truths of man's existence by an imaginary exchange of letters - epistles barbed with arguments, parries, mutual insults and lofty debate. Lucifer brazenly proclaims  his infinitely durable, diabolical subtle means of corrupting and destroying mankind, while Michael quietly demonstrates the ways in which  God uses Satan's own ponderous, vicious and overambitious weight to topple him flat.