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  • A comprehensive study of the mystical significance of the gemstones mentioned in the Bible, as well as all 62 minerals - from adamant to zircon - not forgetting the 'pearl of great price' and the 'salt of the earth'. Their use and origin is given as well as their significance in the Biblical narrative, Reviewed as a 'a deep mine of information, folklore, history and archeological discovery.'
  • A  lovely little pocket-sized book to open at random any day of the week and enjoy the inspirational wisdom therein. "Look at the big picture -love is always there." "Rather than criticise someone, praise them - you'll be astonished at the rewards." "Give yourself a break from making judgements. Occasionally, try accepting things just as they are."
  • The third book by this author demonstrates how Paul summarised the Gospel in Romans 1 - 8. Paul also made a devastating analysis of the sinfulness of his culture as did Jeremiah in a former age. Written against the backdrop of the Sixties countercultural upheaval and with prophetic force, Dr. Schaeffer presents the case that Jeremiah's denunciations could also apply to modern times. In light of 9/11, Schaeffer seems disturbingly prophetic and he concerns himself with the moral and spiritual death that suffocates truth, meaning and beauty out of the urban culture. He advocates belief and action as well as commitment and compassion. 
  • December 21, 2012 may have been and gone - yet the passing of time does not make this book irrelevant.  The end of the world was never going to end with a mighty bang on this date: rather, this was the date that things would begin to change.  This is a very in-depth and heavily researched look into the Mayan Prophecies and what we might expect the future to be.
  • Modern Paganism is a religion of choice, one that allows for the devotion to different Gods and Goddesses. Here the author and three other modern Pagan elders tell of their religious observances and show how demonstrating deep connections can work in your life. Explaining their intense working with specific deities corresponding with the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, Alexei Kondratiev writes on Brigit; Geoffrey W. Miller on Anubis; Maureen Reddington-Wilde on Aphrodite; and Harrow on Gaia. From the myths and stories surrounding each deity to rituals and exercises for their veneration, suggestions for personal retreats; vision quests and dream work - this is the ideal guide for those practitioners ready to interact more intensely with the Ancient Gods.
  • The Infernal of Infernals...The Fallen One...The Majesty of a Million Hells...the Dark Shadow...the Adversary...Lucifer...The Devil. A colloquy with the Prince of Darkness  - a sequence of tart, ironic and deadly serious dialogues between Archangel Michael and the Mover of the Underworld that undertakes to illuminate some of the central truths of man's existence by an imaginary exchange of letters - epistles barbed with arguments, parries, mutual insults and lofty debate. Lucifer brazenly proclaims  his infinitely durable, diabolical subtle means of corrupting and destroying mankind, while Michael quietly demonstrates the ways in which  God uses Satan's own ponderous, vicious and overambitious weight to topple him flat.
  • What happens in our mind when we dream? Why do we need to dream and what do those vivid images mean?  What do they tell us about ourselves? Dreams have always been a source of fascination and this book is a guide to benefitting from dream analysis. Whether they are absurd, vivid, frightening or puzzling, dreams are the universal language with archetypal symbols understood by everyone. Not only does this book explore the theories of dreams, it also contains suggestions on  interpreting and possibly acting upon your dreams.
  • Written by one of the world's leading experts on dreams and their meaning, this book focuses on what happens to our brains while we are asleep and explains clearly and precisely what it all means. The author discusses the work of famous analysts such as Freud and Jung and writes reassuringly about learning to cope with nightmares and how to solve problems while asleep. Explore the magical realm of sleep and inner consciousness with this fascinating, illustrated guide to the world of dreams. Illustrated.
  • Was there once a race of beings which were only partly human? If so, what became of them and where are they now? Here is a compelling scenario - if we are willing to consider the possibility of their existence. Here is an unusual dramatisation of the fierce battle between God's intention for Man and Satan's scheme to destroy it.