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  • In 1967, this advertisement appeared in the London Times: "A witch of full powers is urgently needed to lift a 73 year-old curse..."  More than 170 people responded.  This book delves into events in a witches' coven, the phantasmagoria of witchcraft and the very early days.
  • A merry introduction for good would-be magic-makers to a world of spells, charms, amulets and practical magic for everyday concerns. It explores the main concepts and philosophy behind modern witchcraft and explains the basic rituals, what tools you will need and simple spells and charms for love and luck, friendship, good health, recovering lost objects, dispelling conflict, thwarting gossip and more. Illustrated.
  • Respected practitioner Vivianne Crowley offers this neat beginner's handbook on Wicca - What Wicca Is; The Origins of Wicca; Practising Wicca; The Elements; Nature; Magic; The Gods; Rituals. Illustrated.
  • The messages from the Archangels explain the true power sources in our world and provide a design for realignment with those sources. Here is unification of Christianity, Sufism and Buddhism, interpreting the lives of the great teachers, recounting the dark history of Atlantis, linking the chakras, crystals and earth spirits as well as redefining reincarnation and forgotten realms of existence. We are promised a future of tranquility and peace.

  • Edited by Wolfgang Weirauch. Verena has learned to see and speak to nature spirits. Tdhrough these interviews we hear from fire-spirits, water-spirits, a salt-spirit, a paper-spirit and many more, and who all give intriguing descriptions of their world perception. They also speak about their involvement with nature and their lack of contact with humans, the secrets of the cosmos, humankind's past and future, as well as their views on the environment, natural disasters, good and evil and love and redemption.
  • Written  by two highly-experienced Tarot readers, this introduction book covers what the Tarot is; the cards; the Major and Minor Arcana;how to use the cards, different spreads and layouts and further instruction. Illustrated.
  • Sagar asks: How are we - as a species living what we think is a civilised life - to survive? How do we continue to live in an overcrowded world whose finite resources are being rapidly exhausted and  whose biological support systems are close to breakdown? There is a wide-spread and fast-growing belief that tinkering with economics and local conservation measures are not enough; that what is needed is a revolution in our consciousness regarding our place in the natural world and our responsibilities towards it. Science and religion are often referred to - but very rarely is there any mention of literature.  Sagar attempts to reassert the essential relationship between imagination,  nature and human survival. By close readings of major works by seventeen of the greatest writers (from Homer to Hughes) that literature has a central contribution to make in our efforts  to discover the laws of nature and human nature, and to live within them.
  • How do shamans set about drumming up the spirits? What takes place at a seance? What happened in Salem to bring about the most horrific witch hunts in history? Who was Eliphas Levi? What is ritual magic? All this and more is answered here.
  • How would life be if everyone on the face of the planet started the day with a strong, positive thought? Although this little book of a year of daily thoughts is Christian - complete with Bible references - the thoughts can be adapted to any faith.
  • Whether lost, a little astray or just firming your viewpoint, everyone is welcome to journey into their potential. By recognising all aspects of the self - physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic - we can create our own wisdom, our own guidance, our own peace and our own joy. This is about how you are and how you'd like to be; it's an encouragement of your experience of your chosen path and helps to bring about true awakening within that leads to the realisation  of your core essence.
  • The new spiritual 'supermarket' of today brings both perils and opportunities. This book is the result of a major and lengthy study conducted at the Centre for Study of New Religious Movements (California) on the topic of spiritual tyranny versus legitimate spiritual authority, including articles and interviews from many luminaries of inner transformations.  It will sharpen the seeker's ability to recognise valid approaches to inner spiritual development and provides enabling to choose a suitable spiritual path and group with discrimination.

  • A well thought out, highly practical and down to earth guide to Wicca. The authors run a modern Coven based on a  blend of Gardnerian and Alexandrian ritual. The books begins with: 'What is Wicca? Simple and straightforward. There's a brief history of modern Wicca then an explanation of the working tools, festivals, special celebrations, how to cast a Circle, the philosophy and ethics of magic and how to work it responsibly. There's incense recipes and spells - and plenty of no-nonsense advice and explanations o what is done and why.
  • Elbert Green Hubbard -  American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher.He is known as the founder of the Roycroft artisan community in East Aurora, New York, an influential exponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He believed in social, economic, domestic, political, mental and spiritual freedom - and believed in sharing it. Here is his special blend of wisdom, humour. foresight, wit and muscular common-sense, as applicable today as it was 100 years ago.
  • A fabulous start-up book by a respected Pagan practitioner. It covers: What is Paganism? Pagan Beliefs; Is Paganism Appropriate to Me? The Pagan Gods; Celebrating the Seasonal Cycle; Spiritual Practice. A must for anyone considering this Path in life. Illustrated.
  • An in-depth look at ghost hunters, both past and present, by the President of the Ghost Club. Who are these intrepid explorers of the unknown? How do they probe and examine the realms of the seemingly inexplicable? What are their conclusions?Here are some of the most famous names in psychical investigation. Harry Price: his examination of Borley Rectory, 'the most haunted house in England', extended over a period of twenty years; Elliot O'Donnell: his inherited faculty of psychic awareness enabled him to encounter scores of ghosts throughout his prodigious career; James Wentworth Day: he witnessed a group of phantom cavalrymen in broad daylight. The sight so impressed him that he spent the rest of his life in search of similar ghostly visions in many of the most haunted houses in Britain, including Glamis Castle; Thurston Hopkins: the old man of Sussex met ghosts on and off all his life and firmly believed that one of them once saved him from premature death; occult author  Dennis Wheatley pursued his interest in ghost hunting following his psychic experience as a boy; and much much more. Illustrated with black and white photographs.
  • Book II of The Delfin Knowledge System.  A personal empowerment program that enables study of the divine self that is specifically for those who are consciously on a journey toward enlightenment. One for the serious student of metaphysics.
  • Traditions dating back as far back as human memory associate the market town of Glastonbury with the magical realm of King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea, who is rumoured to have brought his young nephew Jesus and the Holy Grail to Glastonbury. The author brings together writings which reflect aspects of the Glastonbury legends, including excerpts from texts by Frederick Bligh Bond, William Blake, Dion Fortune, Katherine Maltwood and Ross Nichols, as well as stories and poems.
  • From early youth, Sandra Gibson had been plagued by psychic experiences which intrigued and terrified her. At the age of 29 she was convinced she was either going mad or possessed by an evil spirit so she underwent hypnotherapy in a final attempt to save her sanity.  She learnt to accept the reality of the psychic experiences and channel those power for positive ends.  This is a journal of her experiences, drawn in part from recordings of the therapy sessions and trances.