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  • A real treasure chest of a book - one to dip into for wisdom from across the ages, from all ages and professions, from literary figures to world leaders.  There really is something for every human condition and for everyone: Mark Twain...I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. Or perhaps Honoré de Balzac: There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power. And here's John Wesley in a wry moment: Some people have just enough religion to make them uncomfortable. Abraham Lincoln knew what he was talking about when he said: Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. And Abigail Van Buren, famous agony aunt, observed: People who fight fire with fire, usually end up with ashes.
  • John Harding had a high-powered career, a loving wife, and a beautiful son. He's lost it all and has returned to his home town of Boland, New Hampshire, teetering on the brink of suicide. But an old friend asks John to manage his old Little League team, the Angels. Reluctantly, he agrees, and meets a hopeless player who bears a striking resemblance to his dead son--and through their extraordinary relationship, John finds the wisdom in living that he thought he had lost forever.
  • Divided into countries and continents, this book covers a number of natural and paranormal events not normally found in other similar tomes. Some of the more unusual topics covered include lizard birds and death birds; Prester John's kingdom ; the Mad Gasser of Mattoon (!); Pope Joan; the Golden Fleece; the Crystal Skulls of doom; the moving stones of Death Valley; the car that killed James Dean; the Versaille time-slip; Count St. Germain, man of mystery; the Pied Piper - fact or folklore?  and so much more.  Lavishly illustrated with colour and black and white photographs, woodcuts and etchings.

  • In which Merlin guides the teenage Arthur through the Lessons of Life.
  • A well thought out, highly practical and down to earth guide to Wicca. The authors run a modern Coven based on a  blend of Gardnerian and Alexandrian ritual. The books begins with: 'What is Wicca? Simple and straightforward. There's a brief history of modern Wicca then an explanation of the working tools, festivals, special celebrations, how to cast a Circle, the philosophy and ethics of magic and how to work it responsibly. There's incense recipes and spells - and plenty of no-nonsense advice and explanations o what is done and why.
  • A book entirely devoted to the reading of tea-leaves. Everything is covered, from the best style of cups and teapots to use, the ideal tea, when to perform your readings and of course, what the tea-leaves reveal. There's even a chapter on hosting an afternoon tea with hints on how to set the table and recipes. This centuries-old art of divination also is known as tasseography, tasseomancy, tassology and tasseology.
  • Throughout history people have found themselves on the edge of eternity and have returned to tell their experiences.  After 400 interviews, Dr Sutherland wasn't surprised to find many similarities.  This book is an exploration of how near death experiences have changed a person's life and beliefs such as; losing their fear of death; a new belief in reincarnation; a move toward spirituality and away from organised religion; and the loss of some personal relationships.
  • Here is an encounter with Power, Authority, Healing and Mystery - and how to use these things wisely for the benefit of all concerned.
  • The search for 'oneness' space necessitating a journey to the ancient holy places of the Mediterranean in the company of a group of New Agers.  Poetry, photos and commentary explore the ideas of ancient Greece, the early goddess religions and spiritual healing; the secrets of the Giza Plateau; Jerusalem, the centre of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; the aspects of Sufism and an early Christian upbringing integrated with Buddhism.
  • For everything that exists, there is someone, somewhere, who is deathly afraid of it.  Such as pupaphobia  (fear of puppets) ; biniphobia (terror of twins) and ecdysiaphobia (scared of strippers).  Even the rich and famous have their terrors:  Actress Betty Grable was terrified of crowds; Roger '007' Moore fears firearms (!)  and Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a "Harry Potter" can't stand clowns (coulrophobia).  A fascinating peek into our psyche that not only names our fears but explains them.
  • This author knows whereof he speaks:  he is a former policeman.
  • Horne's second book, featuring rituals, incantations, festivals and sacred sites and the daily business of being a modern witch at home and in the work force. Written and published just as Horne 'went Hollywood', thus losing the respect of the serious pagan and Wiccan community.