• When Jane 'Jinx' Kingsley, daughter of a ruthless millionaire, emerges from a coma, she remembers nothing of the last few days: not that she's been jilted by her fiance Leo and betrayed by Meg, her best friend, nor her own supposed suicide attempt. With the disappearance of Leo and Meg, Jinx is haunted by terrifying flashes of memory - and the police seem determined to trap her into an admission of murder.  While they investigate, she faces the worst nightmare of her life - unravelling the truth. Cover art by Vanessa Forbes.
  • The body of an elderly woman is discovered in Gramercy Park. She was killed in broad daylight, but there is not a single witness. Inspector Louis Markowitz, Special Crime Section, dies defending another Gramercy Park victim and Sergeant Kathy Mallory takes up the case. She's a crime analyst who prefers computers to people. Now for the first time she must do field work. Her motives are personal - Markowitz rescued her as a child from a life of petty crime on the New York streets and adopted her as his daughter. The investigation into a possible serial killer becomes an investigation into Mallory's damaged psyche - and into a disturbed and dangerous urban universe.

  • Nurse Amy Leatheran has a most unusual patient. Louise, according to her husband the celebrated archeologoist Dr. Leidner, suffered from 'nervous terror'. Her fantasies were vivid and horrifying: a disembodied hand, a yellow, dead face pressed against the window...who or what did she fear? At the site of a dig in the Iraqi desert, surely she was safe from danger. Most of the expedition were old friends and colleagues. Yet they seemed an unnaturally formal group - there was tension and uneasiness in the air. Something sinister was going on - and it involved murder....

  • The city is in uproar. Like a savage cat, the unknown strangler pounces on his victims. Victims chosen seemingly at random. One murder after another. The police are completely baffled. The mayor orders Ellery Queen on the case. There are the facts, laid out as neatly as the corpses. But where do they connect? Ellery believes that these seemingly mad murders are all committed by the same person. But he can't prove it. He believes that there's a pattern in the killings that will provide a solution. But he can't find it. Ellery is as baffled as the police. They are working desperately, but the murders continue - the cat is still at large.
  • Industrialist Ruggiero Miletti has been kidnapped from the  heart of one of Italy's most powerful families: and the family is oddly undisturbed that the kidnappers are getting panicky and impatient, that the trail is going cold and that police progress has been zero. Commissioner Aurelio Zen has been removed from his desk and thrust into this shadowy case and his arrival in Perugia is resented from the start - by the officials and the Miletti family, who would rather do business with the kidnappers without police intervention. Zen unearths sizzling secrets in this family rat nest: terrorism, drugs, takeover bids, dark past  secrets, blackmail and sexual perversion - and each suspects has connections into the police department. Cover art by Tom Sciaaca.

  • A.D. 79 - Rome's rich and shameless are relaxing in their luxury holiday villas on the coast.  The Imperial Navy is peacefully at anchor at Misenum. Tourists are out and about in the resorts of Baiae, Herculaneum and Pompeii. Only one man is worried. Engineer Marius Attilius Primus has just taken charge of the Aqua Augusta, the enormous aqueduct that brings fresh water to a quarter of a million people in nine towns around the Bay of Naples. Springs are failing for the first time in generations.  His predecessor has disappeared. And now there's a crisis on the Augusta's sixty-mile mainline, north of Pompeii on the slopes of Vesuvius. Attilus - decent, practical and incorruptible - assures Pliny, the scholarly naval commander, the he can repair the aqueduct before the reservoir runs dry.  But as he makes his way to Vesuvius he finds there are forces in the world which even the world's only superpower cannot control.

  • One house, ten contestants, thirty cameras, forty microphones. Yet again the public gorges its voyeuristic appetite as another group of unknown and unremarkable people submit themselves to the brutal exposure of the televised reality soap opera, House Arrest. Everyone knows the rules: total strangers are forced to live together while the rest of the country watches them do it, Who will crack first? Who will have sex with who? Who will the public love and who will they hate?  All the usual questions. And then suddenly, there are some new ones.  A murder. No evidence. How was it done under the constant watchful eyes of the cameras and the nation? And why? And...who will be next... A killer read - literally - from Ben Elton. Cover art by Tony Stone.
  • A severed head in a sack of coffee beans. A doctor drowned in a bath of developing fluid. a tyrannical multimillionaire.  A skeleton in a locked room. A voodoo priestess...just a few of the tourist attractions that sleuth/playwright Matthew Prior and his son Bryn encounter on their Caribbean vacation.  Classic British murder mystery.
  • Fantastic country mansion Follymead is hosting a folk music weekend course.  Most musos and singers  are there to play, sing and listen.  But passions and murder are brewing in this sylvan setting.  Tossa Barber and her boyfriend Dominic Felse are amongst the students, and when disaster strikes, Dominic engages the aid of his father, D.I. George Felse, to unravel the tangle of events.