Time Odyssey Book I. 1885...On the North-West frontier, Rudyard Kipling witnesses a bizarre encounter between the British Army and a mysteriously watchful, hovering sphere - and then, shockingly, a helicopter from 2037 comes over the hill. Meanwhile, elsewhere, scouts from the great horde of Genghis Khan find that familiar landmarks on the great steppe have vanished - as if they had never been. And elsewhere yet again -  the courtiers of Alexander the Great  wait anxiously for news of the Great King, who seems to have vanished. Nothing is as it was. The castaways in time must make an epic journey across a transformed world, a journey to a devastating truth. For if history is long, our future may be shorter than any of us dreamed...Mankind's odyssey in time has begin...https://cosmiccauldronbooks.com.au/p/sunstorm-arthur-c-clarke-stephen-baxter/