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  • Arbonne, warm and sun-blessed, a land of olive trees and vineyards, of troubadours, love and the sensuous, flamboyant men and women who dwell in the castles and towns of a country dedicated to the worship of the Mother Goddess. Moving through this decadence is the sardonic, bitter Blaise, mercenary captain of Gorhaut, who must soon face the darkest secrets of his past. Gorhaut is a land of dour, hard Northerners who worship the god Corannos and who are rapacious in war. Their ambitious, debauched young king looks to the south and sees Arbonne, ripe for the taking, blasphemously worshipping a goddess and ruled by a woman. The men and women of the two countries will find their lives and the beliefs of life put in the balance, and Arbonne will learn that love and music may be powers only in a civilised time, for neither can combat the power of fire and sword.

  • A novel based on historical fact, it tells the complete story of the part in the Bounty mutiny by the man known as Alexander Smith - real name John Adams - his fate and that of the eight other mutineers. The book offers adventure and excitement as well as a logical, commonsense view of events that have intrigued historians since Bligh's first dispatches from Timor reached London.
  • Joseph Creed is a paparazzo - he chases and harasses celebrities for candid shots, hopefully the seedier kind. Creed is a sleaze - but good at his job; he's unkempt and uncouth, a coward, a liar and a would-be blackmailer.  He's also a womaniser and a divorcee. He looks a little like Mickey Rourke - and knows it. After the funeral ceremony of a major Hollywood actress, Creed photographs a man desecrating the grave. Creed himself is observed and there is a series of horrific events designed to frighten him into handing over the film.  The man he has photographed bears a strong resemblance to a a man who was hanged in the 1930s for murder and mutilation of children. Creed eventually discovers that his antagonists are the Fallen Angels of Europe. Their powers are waning, the centuries of evil have taken their toll. Creed finds them - in an old folks' rest home...
  • Volume I: To The Stars. Homeworld is stable at last, hundreds of years after the collapse of the 20th century economy.  For millions of proles, life is still grim but for the lucky few, like Engineer Jan Kulozik, there is every kind of luxury - except one.   On Homeworld, where everyone and everything is monitored by the faceless power of government, there is no freedom. Jan Kulozik knew nothing about the Resistance and probably didn't want to.  But suddenly he is a part of it and running for his life.

  • Christian 'Rapture', futuristic kissagram girls, painless parenthood for a new breed of Super-Yuppies and the decline of Britain as a U.S. militarised zone are just some of intriguing ideas expressed here. The volume contains: The Second Third of C, Neil Ferguson; Freezeframe, Gregory Benford; The Man Who Walked On The Moon, J.G. Ballard; The Brains Of Rats, Michael Blumlein; Patricia's Profession, Kim Newman; Unmistakably The Finest, Scott Bradfield; And He Not Busy Being Born... Brian Stableford; The Protector, Rachel Pollack; If The Driver Vanishes...Peter T. Garratt; The Unfolding, John Shirley and Bruce Sterling; The King Of The Hill, Paul J. MacAuley; Canned Goods, Thomas M. Disch; Spiral Sands, Garry Kilworth; When The Timegate Failed, Ian Watson; War And/Or Peace, Lee Montgomerie.
  • Featured stories and writers are: The Death of Doctor Island, Gene Wolfe; Shark, Edward Bryant; With Morning Comes Mistfall, George R.R. Martin; The Future of Science - Prometheus, Apollo, Athena, Ben Bova; Of Mist and Grass and Sand, Vonda N. McIntyre; The Deathbird, Harland Ellison; A Thing of Beauty, Norman Spinrad; Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death, James Tiptree, Jr; The Childhood of the Human Hero,  Carol Emshwiller.
  • Featured stories and writers include: Vertigo, James White; Visions of Monad, M. John Harrison; Worm in the Bud, John Rankine; They Shall Reap, David Rome; The Last Time Around, Arthur Sellings; The Cloudbuilders, Colin Kapp.
  • Featured stories and writers: Hell-Planet, John Rackham; The Night-Flame, Colin Kapp; The Creators, Joseph Green; Rogue Leonardo, G.L. Lack; Maiden Voyage, John Rankine, Odd Boy Out, Dennis Etchison; The Eternal Machines, William Spencer; A Round Billiard Table, Steve Hall.
  • Physician, poet, philosopher and essayist, Holmes also contributed much to medical reform in the 1800s.  He was a member of the Fireside Poets and regarded as one of the best writers of his day.