Book has been covered with Con-Tact thus preserving the cover

//Book has been covered with Con-Tact thus preserving the cover
  • It is said they came five centuries ago, wreaking destruction upon the galaxy, sterilising planets and laying waste to solar systems. They were the unliving aliens who programme was to expunge the universe of all living matter - they were the berserkers, death-bringers from deep space...Then Karlsen, the demi-god, turned back the onslaught, forcing them out of the known universe - all except one shell-less brain, which lay festering in a small corner of the galaxy, awaiting the rebirth of civilisation which it would then enslave...Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • In a cafe in modern day Paris, in the aftermath of a fresh Kill, the fearless, beautiful Pandora begins her tale of treachery, vengeance and love that crosses two millennia.  As a young mortal in Imperial Rome in the time of Augustus, Pandora was introduced to the blood-cult of Isis.  Later, in exile in Antioch, she was drawn further into the ancient dark rites.  Now, Pandora decides  to return once more to New Orleans to find the love of her early life, Marius, and to see the Vampire Lestat. Cover art by Holly Warbuton.
  • Richard Shelton, armed with a strong cross bow and a stout heart is pitted against the wily, evil Sir Daniel Brackley.  Set in the time of the Wars of the Roses, it is a story reminiscent of Robin Hood.  This is a complete and unabridged edition.
  • Late summer near Dublin, 1920, and up at the big house there are still cucumber sandwiches for tea. Eighteen year old Nancy gives Aunt Mary and dotty Grandfather the slip and goes down to the seashore to dream in the beach hut, write in her Diary and wait - longing for her life to begin. The Dublin newspapers are full of distant bombings and shootings. Even before she meets the mysterious fugitive on the beach, Nancy has begu to sense that the old life - the charmed lives of the Anglo-Irish ascendancy - cannot go on forever.
  • Someone was tampering with time, altering the past to eliminate the present, fading people out of existence into a timeless limbo. One of the victims was Angelina, the lovely, lethal wife of James Bolivar Di Griz - better known as the Stainless Steel Rat. That put Slippery Jim on the trail of the villains, a trail that went back to 1984 and an ancient nation known as the United States of America. The Stainless Steel Rat was determined to rescue his wife.  And before he was through he'd thrown dozens of centuries through time on BOTH directions.  But then he didn't have much choice:  to save Angelina, he had to save the world.  Again. Cover art by Jim Burns

  • Book III of the Tomorrow series. Effie and the other teen rebels have lost Corrie and Chris, but have rescued Keith.  Their country is overrun by the enemy and their families are held captive.  The only option they seem to have to launch an attack on their own. Cover art by Nick Stathopolous.