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  • Book III of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. Cursed by a terrible disease, Thomas Covenant is an outcast in our world; shunned by his neighbours and pushed to edge of madness by loneliness. Suddenly he is transported to a beautiful, mystic new world - the Land - where gentle people work magic with wood and stone and the very air and earth bring healing .  Thomas is welcomed as the re-incarnation of a legendary warrior - his maimed hand and white-gold wedding ring mark him as a figure of power and magic. But Covenant doesn't believe the Land is real, and thus he becomes the unwilling tool of the enemy that seeks to destroy it:  Lord Foul the Despiser.  Three times, in their hour of greatest need, the peoples of the Land will call on Thomas and three times he will fail them.  Only as Lord Foul prepares to devastate the Land and enslave its people for ever will Thomas call on the wild magic that he alone can wield. Cover art by Peter Goodfellow.
  • The Snow Goose : A simple parable on the power of friendship and love, set against a backdrop of the horror of war.  Philip Rhayader is a disabled artist living a solitary life in an abandoned lighthouse in the marshlands of Essex who meets a young local girl, Fritha, when  she brings him a wounded snow goose. They become friends as the bird is nursed back to flight, and it revisits the lighthouse in its migration for several years. Rhayader and his small sailboat take part in the Dunkirk evacuation and the snow goose stays by his small boat, a symbol of luck and survival to the rescued men.

    The Small Miracle: When his donkey falls ill, a small boy in modern day Assisi goes to Rome seeking permission for the only remedy he truly trusts. Illustrated by Anne Linton.
  • Britain, under the influence of Mab, powerful Queen of the Old Ways, remains a place where magic holds sway and controls the hearts and minds of men. Merlin, Mab's champion, has now become her sworn enemy. When Mab's sister, the Lady of the Lake, gives Merlin Excalibur he must ensure that it reaches the man Mab fears most: Arthur Pendragon. But Mab has her own disciple - or pawn. Morgan Le Fay, Arthur's half-sister, gives Mab the weapon she needs to ravage Arthur's kingdom and Merlin's dream of peace: a child. Mordred.

  • Edited by Martin Greenberg.  In the Milky Way Galaxy of 1000 years hence, six vastly different star-faring races co-exist under a precarious, volatile truce, threatened by the most recent addition to the galactic community - Man.  This volume comprises the following stories: They Hide, We Seek, Robert Silverberg; The Diplomacy Guild, David Brin; Myryx, Robert Sheckley; The Burning Sky, Poul Anderson and Island of the Gods, Harry Turtledove.
  • Book II of The Guardians. They are the enemies of promise and man's only hope. They are outsiders, a world wide secret cabal, walking in the shadows and dedicated to the cause of stability, dedicated to preserving science from the world, and the world from science.  In a rotting decommissioned nuclear power station on the English south coast, a sinister experiment is taking place.  In Japan, a hacker genius called the Emperor Dragon is threatening to tear down the cyber empire of Kawai Kim, the Guardians' intelligence co-ordinator. The Guardians little suspect the danger that is building withing their number.
  • An ancient Egyptian tomb, sealed from the outside world for centuries, deep inside solid rock - the sarcophagus is reveal a freshly murdered corpse!
  • The peaceful life of a Wiltshire village is shattered by a disaster - a yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, releasing a creeping fog like no other.  Wherever it goes it leaves a trail of hideous disaster, as hideous as the past tragedy that marked its entry into the world...and it drives people insane.  Twice made into a film.
  • David Ash, psychic investigator is invited to Edbrook,  a remote country house where there is an alleged haunting. He meets the Mariell family: brothers Robert and Simon, sister Christina and their aunt, Nanny Tess. Ash is renowned for his dismissal of all thing supernatural, having exposed fake mediums and finding natural causes for so-called psychic phenomena. He has his reasons  for refuting such unearthly occurrences. But over three hideous nights of terror, Ash is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs and confront the enigma of hisown past.  There are games to be played here; nightmarish pastimes of a deadly, maleficent nature and only when they are done will Edbrook's dreadful secret be revealed.