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  • Pancho Villa lived in violent, brutal times and the necessities of those times made him a violent, brutal man.  He was a revolutionary, who fought for his country and his people through ten years of civil war.  He was born in 1878, a time when the land owners and the Church grew fat by stealing land from the peasants and exploiting their labour.  Villa saw his fellow revolutionaries Madero and Carranza turn into greedy politicians upon gaining office, forgetting their promises to their loyal followers.  He helped create a revolution; yet tragically, he could not help solve it.
  • Here is a small yet vital piece of Australian history: Mrs. Mary Watson of Lizard Island became a heroine after her diary was discovered beside her skeleton on a lonely coral atoll in the Great Barrier Reef. She had been left on Lizard Island in September 1881 while her husband established a fishing station further north.  For company she had only her three month old son and two Chinese manservants; for protection she had two rifles and a pistol.  When Ah Leong was killed by Aborigines, Mary, Ah Sam and the baby escaped in an old tank. They floated at the mercy of the sea for ten days before coming ashore on the atoll where their remains were found four months later.  Her diary not only tells of her desperate escape, but also of her childhood in Cornwall and the time of the Queensland gold rush.
  • Mrs. Gunn's timeless classic was first published in 1908.  Newly married, Jeannie Gunn accompanies her husband to 'The Elsey' the huge cattle station in the Northern Territory, several hundred miles from the nearest town.  She is one of the very few white women n the area and at first her presence is resented by the stockmen until her warmth and spirit win their affection and respect.  A rare chronicle of pioneer life in the outback, written with moving simplicity to convey the beauty and cruelty of the land, the isolation and loneliness, and the comradeship and kindness of the early settlers. With colour stills from the film.