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//Ex-library with one stamp
  • On April 6, 1924, eight courageous young Army airmen too off on a 26,000 mile journey into the record books.  Three years before Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris, they set out from Seattle in four open-cockpit bi-planes, determined to circle the globe - and they did it. They were battered by blizzards and typhoons, lost in sandstorms and blinding fog and had even given up two of their number for dead.  Here is the epic story of the first around-the-world flight.
  • Take a trip back in time to:  Powder-blue Formica coffee bars and the new cappuccino machines, Elvis, Wurlitzer juke boxes, Coke and Pepsi, Teddy boys, quiff hair-dos and layers and layers of layered, stiff crepe petticoats.  Wonderful photos illustrating the memories.
  • From the Carpenter's World Tracels series.  A fascinating look at life as it was here - in 1926! With 126 photographs and enticing chapter headings, such as: Life on the Sheep Station; The Three R's in Australia; Gold Diggings in Creek and Desert; Social Pests and Mutton and Butter for London Tables.
  • A woman is ravished - and unto her a child is born, unleashing an unspeakable evil upon the world.  He is named Baal and he will lead the reader through the uttermost depths of evil, into a nightmare world of bloodlust and violence that would freeze the heart.
  • It is said they came five centuries ago, wreaking destruction upon the galaxy, sterilising planets and laying waste to solar systems. They were the unliving aliens who programme was to expunge the universe of all living matter - they were the berserkers, death-bringers from deep space...Then Karlsen, the demi-god, turned back the onslaught, forcing them out of the known universe - all except one shell-less brain, which lay festering in a small corner of the galaxy, awaiting the rebirth of civilisation which it would then enslave...Cover art by Peter Jones.
  • The house was built in the Old Queen's time for an Elizabethan pirate who was knighted for the plunder he brought home. It survived many eras and many reigns - it saw the passing of Cromwell and the Civil War.  It  was rescued by an illiterate woman farmer, became rich with an Indian Nabob and poor with a twentieth century hotelier.  Children, both heirs and bastards, were born there. It had ghosts, legends and a history that grew stranger with every generation. Never be put off by the covers of any book by Norah Lofts.  She always told a wonderful story, no matter what time period she chose to set her tales. Cover art by J.A. Greenberg.

  • Book I of Camber of Culdi trilogy. At the beginning of the 10th century the crown of Gwynedd sits on the head of young Imre, who proves himself both tyrant and murderer. The great Camber of Culdi knows this is a king that he cannot serve. But in a cloistered monk's cell, under a twelve-year vow of silence, lives Prince Cinhil - the last Haldane and rightful human heir to the throne. Thu Camber MacRorie, the greatest among the Deryni sorcerers will lead a revolt to restore the rightful - if reluctant - heir to the throne.  But is this venture doomed from the start? Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.
  • Book IV and the conclusion of the Chanur series. Alien entities called "humans" send their first exploration ship into Compact space, disrupting the seven Compact races' alliance. Pyanfar Chanur and her feline hani crew give shelter to the only surviving human from the ship, pitching them into the center of a galactic maelstrom which could cause interstellar war.

  • June 2, 1953.  A great day for the Commonwealth - the crowning of the young, beautiful Elizabeth II.  Will Clagg, steelworker, his wife Violet, their two children Johnny and Gwinny and Grumbling Granny are determined to see this wondrous event.  No matter how long the day, nor the obstacles to be encountered...Each one learns a great deal on this day, and returns home laden with life-long gifts they never expected. A book that could be read in one rainy afternoon - but  what it teaches is life-long.