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  • Prince Corum has defeated the Chaos Lord Arioch. But any peace for him and his faithful Rhalina is brief. His actions have evoked the murderous anger of Arioch's sister, the dreaded Xiombarg. The Prince in the Scarlet Robe must continue his odyssey, face the terror of the Mabden armies, and challenge the might of the Queen of the Swords. Faced with immense powers of evil on all sides, only the legendary City of the Pyramid offers a glimmer of hope. But Corum must get there first, and along the way he will encounter horrifying creatures, strange forms of sorcery, and new planes of existence. Cover art by Bob Habberfield.

  • To her fellow pilots, Gaelian is the Angel, the best of their elite fighting force. To the powerful ruling Board of Dinoreos, she is the Eldest of the Eldest of her household, scheming and plotting to claim her rightful place while she strives to overcome the handicap of a childhood spent on the primitive world of Cahaute. Gaelian is haunted by memories. Even in space she feels the Power Clans of Cahaute with her - though to surrender to the magic of her childhood would mean abandoning the privileges and honours she has worked so hard for on Dinoreos.  Before she can make her choice, Gaelian discovers a secret older than either of her worlds and suddenly she holds the future of both in her hands.
  • A murder - four thousand years ago! Seeking peace after her husband's death, Renisenb returns to her father's house on the banks of the Nile.  But beneath the calm surface of his prosperous household lurk greed, lust and hate.  And with the arrival of the arrogant concubine Nofret, the family's passions explode in murder.
  • While serving a life sentence for killing his mother, Jacko Argyle dies.  Two years later, a stranger shatters the peace of the Argyle household.  Does Arthur Calgary hold the missing link in Jacko's defence? Was Jacko sentenced for a murder he didn't commit?  And if Jacko didn't murder his mother - who did?
  • Renowned nuclear weapons researcher, Dr. Gregory, is not only dead - he's charred to a radioactive cinder in his lab at the Edward Teller Nuclear Research Facility near Oakland, California. Scully and Mulder are called in as it's a death on Federal property and they confront a tight-lipped Federal bureaucracy whose job it is to stop questions before they're asked. Scully and Mulder hit dead ends, closed security clearances and classified documents no-one  wants them to see.  But that doesn't stop them ripping the lid of Dr. Gregory's illegal project - a destructive nuclear explosive that leaves virtually no radioactive fall-out.

  • A by-pass is planned in Kingsmarkham that will destroy the peace and natural habitat for ever. Dora Wexford joins the protest but the Chief Inspector must be more circumspect - trouble is expected. As the protesters begin to make themselves felt, a young woman's badly decomposed body is unearthed. Burden believes he knows the identity of the killer but Wexford is not convinced. And having just become a grandfather he's struggling to put aside familial responsibilities and emotions in order to do his job. The case progresses, the protest escalates. Then a number of people begin to disappear, including Dora Wexford.

  • A thousand years in the future, Charles Outis (who had his head cryonically frozen when he died in the 21st century) wakes to find his brain enslaved by a brutal technocracy.  He manages to broadcast a distress signal that is picked up by the androne Munk - whose artificial intelligence is programmed with an empathy for homo sapiens culture. Munk, aided by the tough troubleshooter Mei Nili, rescues Charles' brain and the group set off on a dangerous journey for the elite Martian community of Solis, where lies the only hope of bodily reincarnation and sanctuary for Charles. Cover art by Mike Van Houten.
  • They had the power to change the face of the world.  But the Telepath talents they share set them apart.  They meet with suspicion, then outright hostility from the un-Talented.  Disaster looms when freaks, 'wild' Talents, bring dissension tot he group and threaten to destroy it.  Having a Talent is like rising a winged horse, but the path of Pegasus unbridled could lead in terrifying directions. Cover art by Chris Achilleos.
  • Star Trek No. 80. Timshel was once the vacation spot of the galaxy, full of culture, natural beauty, and friendly, hospitable inhabitants. But now Timshel has cut itself off from the universe. No one is allowed to enter or leave. Concerned, the Federation has sent agents to investigate, but none have returned. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are shocked to discover the truth: the people of Timshel have succumbed to an insidious new technology that guarantees every citizen total pleasure, a soul-destroying ecstasy that has enslaved their entire civilization. Kirk and Spock have faced many threats before, but now they must deal with the most seductive menace ever - perfect happiness. Based on a story by Theodore Sturgeon.