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  • The Womens' Murder Club face the fight of their lives....Three victims. Three bullets. Three cities. The first of these simultaneous serial killings occurs in San Francisco, Sergeant Lindsay Boxer's jurisdiction and reporter Cindy Thomas's beat. The shooters are precise, as is their target selection. Each one of the men and women down excels at an illegal and deadly activity that is dominating public debate. As the casualty list expands, the fear and fascination with this shooting gallery galvanises the county. Are the shooters villains or heroes? And who will be next?
  • Newspaper editor Jill Baker arrived home to find her husband dead on the bedroom floor. Within weeks, still in shock, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told her chances of surviving. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment followed in a year from hell. At her lowest ebb, Jill took a chance. She needed someone who cuddled her at night and was still excited to see her in the morning. She just hadn't met him yet. She needed something or somebody to make life worth living again. But could it really be a crazy, howling, snoring, digging, chewing, barking orange pup called Dirty Harry? Turns out that Harry and Jill were made for each other. They are an unlikely duo; Jill is quiet, Harry is loud as hell. Jill meticulously plans the day while Harry wings it. She sips Pinot while he's an espresso martini guy. Theirs is a beautiful friendship, an unbreakable bond.
  • To her fellow pilots, Gaelian is the Angel, the best of their elite fighting force. To the powerful ruling Board of Dinoreos, she is the Eldest of the Eldest of her household, scheming and plotting to claim her rightful place while she strives to overcome the handicap of a childhood spent on the primitive world of Cahaute. Gaelian is haunted by memories. Even in space she feels the Power Clans of Cahaute with her - though to surrender to the magic of her childhood would mean abandoning the privileges and honours she has worked so hard for on Dinoreos.  Before she can make her choice, Gaelian discovers a secret older than either of her worlds and suddenly she holds the future of both in her hands.
  • Orphans born in the depths of space, they were engineered to range the galaxy in search of fortune. Misfits and outlaws, they defied the huge interstellar cartels that ruled space.  Ubu Roy was the strong young bossrider of the starship Runaway, who held all of history in his remarkable memory.  Beautiful Maria was an ace star shooter and cybernetic witch, who could bend space time to find the perfect singularity.
  • A motorway is proposed through Cleene Gorge, and everyone's got an opinion about it. At one end of Cleene Gorge is Handyman Hall; the home of  Sir Giles and Lady Maud Lynchwood. Sir Giles is secretly in favour of ensuring that the motorway passes through the Cleene Gorge   as he'll be paid compensation for the destruction of Handyman Hall, which is under a  covenant preventing its sale.  Lady Maud is just as fierce in opposing the motorway and expects George to support her. Enter Maud's gardener, Blott, a former German P.O.W. He's strongly patriotic towards his new home nation and home and fiercely devoted to Maud.  With his military training, and some leftovers of the war secretly buried on the estate, Blott begins a wildly inept and covert campaign to undermine the construction of the motorway and Sir Giles' skullduggery.  Vintage Sharpe humour. Cover shows David Suchet as Blott  in the BBC TV series.  
  • A selection of shorts, articles and a novella published for Michael Moorcock's 5oth birthday. This volume: Short Stories: Casablanca; The Frozen Cardinal; Hanging the Fool; The Murderer's Song; Mars; The Last Call. Non Fiction: Scratching a Living. People:  Mervyn Peake; Harlan Ellison; Angus Wilson; Andrea Dworkin; Maeve Gilmour. Places: Taking the Life Out Of London;The Smell of Old Vienna; Literally London; People of the Book; London Lost and Found;Building the New Jerusalem. Pornography and Politics:  Who's Really Covering Up? What Feminism Has Done For Me; Caught Up In Reality; Anti-Personnel Capability; The Case Against Pornography. Fiction: Gold Diggers of 1977.  Seemingly, a must for any Moorcock fan.
  • In the magical kingdom of Elundium, dark forces are gathering. Nightbeasts are roaming the forests and the Tunnellers, gentle gardeners of the greenways and keepers of the wildwood are suddenly under suspicion. Good King Thane finds himself and his family in danger from a terrifying group of rebels calling themselves the Honourable Company of Murderers. Who would have thought that the safety of the kingdom would lie in the hands of a crippled sweep's boy? Drib's destiny will take him from a life of misery through turmoil and peril to the heights of heroism and happiness beyond his wildest dreams.

  • Conan has ventured far and known al the world afforded of adventure and marvel - he had fought demons, dragons and horrors of the Elder dark. A thousand foes had fallen to his blade - bronze-mailed warriors, malevolent wizards, barbarian chieftains and haughty kings. But the adventure that started in the royal Hall of Justice in Tarantia would be the strangest and most fantastic of the many of his career.

  • Conan, the mighty barbarian from the time before the world began, battles deadly magic, murderous demons and incredible monsters as he cuts a bloody swathe through the Hyborean Age. Cover art by Frank Frazetta.