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  • Autumn in Glastonbury. Lance Bradley is idling away his life there when he receives a call for help from the eccentric sister of his old friend Rupert Alder. Inexplicably, Rupe has stopped sending the money that his dysfunctional siblings depend on. Reluctantly, Lance goes to London to learn what he can, only to find that his friend has vanished. His employers, a shipping company, believe he is guilty of a major fraud. A Japanese businessman called Hashimoto claims he has stolen a document of life and death importance. And Townley, an American private detective who has been trying to trace Rupert  has been warned off by unnamed but immensely powerful interests. Townley, it seems, was involved in a mysterious death at Wilderness Farm, near Glastonbury, back in 1963, that year of so many shattering events which just happens also to be the year of Lance's birth.  No sooner has Lance decided that whatever Rupert was up to is too risky for him to get involved further - then he finds that he's already in too deep...
  • The world called Indigo turned upside down for Magdala Cled one unexpected morning.  From being the world's only genetic misfit, the shunned outcast of an otherwise ideal society, she became the focus of attention for mighty forces. Once they had installed her in the Electric forest, with its weird trees and super-luxurious private home, Magdala awoke to the potentials that were opening up around her.  She also realised the peril that now seemed poised above Indigo - which only she, the hated one, could possibly avert. Cover art by Don Maitz.
  • Homo Uniformis - Man Alike Throughout.  The species had come a long way since homo sapiens. Gone are the old, savage days of war, disease, ritual and emotion. On the planet of Lysenka II, however, things are very different.  Here the inhabitants are the primitive descendants of the original space ship colonists. And when a group of the system's elite holidaying on Lysenka II become stranded in the wilderness, the proximity of their strange and wild ancestors becomes a terrifying threat to their loyalty and survival.
  • Book VI of Swords of Raemllyn. Stowing away on a pleasure ship, the beautiful Lijena poses as a concubine - and carries the Sword of Kwerin Bloodhawk in her hands.  Master thieves Davin Anane and Foran One-Eye travel the highways of Raemllyn with a secret cargo of stolen gold.  These three will be reunited as they go to the aid of good Prince Felrad against the usurper Zarek Yannis.  But the evil Zarek has summoned the Faceless Ones - fiery riders from Hell against whom even a hundred mortal warriors are helpless. Cover art by Luis Royo.
  • Gerald's Game - a husband and wife game. But this time, Jessie didn't want to play. Lying there, spread-eagled, handcuffed to the bed while he'd drooled over her, she felt angry and humiliated. So she'd kicked out - hard. Aiming to get him where it would hurt. And it did hurt - it caused a coronary.  Gerald was dead on the floor, leaving Jessie alone and helpless in a lakeside holiday cabin, miles from anywhere. No-one to hear her screams. Alone - except for the voices in her head that had begun to chatter...and argue...and sneer...
  • The author assesses and explains the role of Goering, dismissing the popular image of the corrupt and indolent buccaneer in order to show the central and serious political role that Goering played in the Third Reich. He shows all facets of Goering's personality, as well as the political context in which he exercised so much power.

  • The distant world of Orthe is littered with the spectacular remnants of its once-great civilisation.  Now the Ortheans have deliberately turned away from the technology that nearly destroyed them.  To Orthe comes Lynne de Lisle Christie, envoy from Earth.  Her assignment: win the confidence of the planet's leaders.  But she quickly finds herself at the centre of a conflict which threatens to explode into war. Cover art by Chris Brown.
  • Renowned nuclear weapons researcher, Dr. Gregory, is not only dead - he's charred to a radioactive cinder in his lab at the Edward Teller Nuclear Research Facility near Oakland, California. Scully and Mulder are called in as it's a death on Federal property and they confront a tight-lipped Federal bureaucracy whose job it is to stop questions before they're asked. Scully and Mulder hit dead ends, closed security clearances and classified documents no-one  wants them to see.  But that doesn't stop them ripping the lid of Dr. Gregory's illegal project - a destructive nuclear explosive that leaves virtually no radioactive fall-out.

  • Book II of The Sovereign Stone trilogy. Missing for generations, the lost portion of the Sovereign Stone has finally been recovered by the last human Dominion Lord, who entrusts it to Bashae. To ensure its safety, Bashae and his companions must make the long and dangerous journey to the Elven Lands. But Dagnarus, the immortal Black Prince has learned of the Stone's discovery and is determined to gain its power for himself. Dispatching his otherworldy servants to hunt down the small band, Dagnarus gathers his forces ready to unleash a diabolical war on the alliance of Elves, Men and Dwarves who oppose him.