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  • Here is all the splendour and frivolity of the court of Charles II and the story of his marriage to Catherine of Braganza, whom Charles called his "Little Rose".  She had led a sheltered life, convent reared until 18 years of age.  Despite Charles many amorous meanderings, Catherine was his most trusted confidante.  The Great Plague of 1665, the Great Fire of London, the political intrigues of the day and the bawdy humour of Wycherley's comedies - it's all vividly recreated here.
  • Regarded as profoundly moving and disturbing, the story is set in a Melbourne suburb after World War I. Dad is an ex-sapper and a   drunken bully, Mum is a successful nurse. Big brother Jack is a tough larrikin, fighting, drinking, swearing and wenching. Davy, the younger boy and narrator, comes over as a prig and a milksop as he recounts the incidents of childhood adolescence and eventual maturity. And then the brothers are faced with World War II and the decisions that they, as men, must make.  A Miles Franklin Award winner.

  • The year: 2047. Years earlier the pioneering research vessel Event Horizon vanished without a trace on its maiden voyage. Now a signal from it has been detected and the United States Aerospace Command responds. The rescue vessel Lewis and Clark is dispatched. Its crew – Captain Miller, second-in-command Lieutenant Starck, pilot Smith, medical technician Peters, engineer Ensign Justin, Doctor D.J. and rescue technician Cooper – is joined by Dr. William Weir, who designed the Event Horizon. Their mission: find and salvage the state-of-the-art  spacecraft. But what they find is state-of-the-art interstellar terror. Their mission becomes one to salvage their own souls and lives - because someone or something is prepared to ensnare them in a new dimension of utter and unimaginable horror.
  • Best known for his voluminous and meticulous diaries, Samuel Pepys left a wealth of papers and letters for posterity. This biography, said to rival the Diaries, contains information from Pepy's unpublished manuscripts and unprinted passages of the Diary which fill out the story of Pepy's life - as well as the stranger one of his marriage. Pepys witnessed - among other things - the Great Fire of London in 1666 and made a point of saving his expensive parmesan cheese by burying it in the garden.

  • Beginning in Victoria's England of the 1880s, the teenaged Peridot learns that Mr Cheke, the chemist, is not her real father. When he dies, she begins to make her own way in the world and searches for traces of her mother, who died not long after she was born. She becomes a paid companion to Geraldine, a temperamental and wealthy young invalid girl who is under the guardianship of her debonair bachelor uncle, Adrian Hope-Winter. When Adrian proposes marriage, Peridot accepts, never dreaming that she will become a star player in a celebrated and scandalous divorce case or that she will become a pioneer for women entering the workforce.  Rich with very visible and real characters and an accurate portrayal of life in the Victorian Age.  With charming end-chapter illustrations by Philip Gough.

  • The first of a trilogy that takes up where Hook, Line and Sinker ended.  Bernard's wife Fiona cannot reconcile herself to his affair with the youthful Gloria, who now works alongside them both.  Bernard must fly to the grim streets of Magdeburg and the closely guarded sanctum  of the secret police and within hours, finds himself in a shoot out with Stasi agents. His best friend Werner is in disgrace and in exile, and Werner's father-in-law has seized his children. Caught between protocols and two women with his job on the line, the Cold War turns to ice.

  • Hiding under the witness protection programme, Rick Jarmin gets nervous when his old flame Marianne recognises him as her fiancè who vanished years ago. But before he can assume a new identity, the man he put in jail is released and comes to pay his respects. Rick and Marianne are thrown together on the run across the country, barely evading the police, gangsters and an amorous veterinarian. Also stars David Carradine, Joan Severance  and Bill Duke.
  • The Widgeons, a party of boy scouts, are robbed of the £50 that was drawn from the bank in order to buy equipment for camping. Fortuitously, a 'Mr. X' appears on the scene, learns of the tragedy, and offers to replace the stolen £50 on the understanding that the loan will become a gift if the boys succeed in discovering the identity of their would-be benefactor. With zest, every scout forthwith becomes a sleuth. But the task proves to be a tough one, involving the Widgeons in all sorts of perplexities and dangers.
  • Fear lives among Everest's mighty ice-fluted faces and howls across its razor-sharp crags. Gnawing at reason and enslaving minds, it has killed many and defeated countless others. But in 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay stared into its dark eye and did not waver. On May 29, they pushed spent bodies and aching lungs past the achievable to pursue the impossible. At a terminal altitude of 29,028 feet, they stood triumphant atop the highest peak in the world. With nimble words and a straightforward style, New Zealand mountaineering legend Hillary recollects the bravery and frustration, the agony and glory that marked his Everest odyssey.