Hardback with dust jacket in excellent condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in excellent condition
  • Book IV of  Mortal Engines. It's six months after the tumultuous adventures on Brighton and Wren Natsworthy and her father Tom have taken to the skies in their airship, the Jenny Haniver. Wren is loving life as an aviatrix but Tom is troubled by Hester's disappearance and the old wound caused by Pennyroyal's bullet.  Then a fluke encounter with a familiar face sets him thinking about the ruins of London and the possibility of going back. Meanwhile, the fragile truce between the Green Storm and the Traction Cities splinters and hostilities break out again. Events are set on a collision course as things end where they began, with London. Cover art by David Frankland.
  • When a disease-ridden body is discovered in the smouldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab, agents Fox Mulder and  Dana Scully fear a deadly man-made plague may be on the loose. Racing to contain the lethal virus before it can spread, Mulder and Scully make a chilling discovery in the X-Files: The late Dr. David Kennessy, a hotshot cancer researcher at DyMar, had been experimenting with microscopic  bio-machines that can cure any disease, heal any wound. In theory, this could be a miracle cure - and the doorway to immortality. But when a second corpse turns up, savagely mutilated from within, it's anything but theoretical. Cover art by Tony Mauro.
  • Under Clarke's direction, Welfare and Fairley travelled five  continents to interview witnesses of strange and unexplained phenomena: monsters from the depths of oceans and lakes; showers of fish and frogs; brilliantly lit unidentified flying objects in the night sky; the yeti and his cousin Bigfoot. Other, more threatening events are also evaluated in the hope that evidence can be gleaned which may prevent further catastrophe. Based on the Yorkshire Television series of the same name. Stonehenge photo by Adam Woolfit. Crystal skull, Museum of Mankind, London.
  • Midnight Louie, the jet-black feline sleuth who thinks he's Sam Spade with hairballs, finds some suspicious jumpsuit-clad Kings of Rock 'n' Roll wreaking havoc in his home town of Las Vegas. It all begins when Midnight Louie's human partner, P.R. woman Temple Barr, learns something strange about one of her accounts.  It seems that ghost sightings are holding up the remodeling of the Crystal Phoenix hotel.  But that's not the strange part. What's strange is that the workmen swear that the ghost is none other than the (supposedly) deceased King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. Could the ghost be an uninvited visitor from the nearby Kingdome - a Elvis-themed tourist attraction - or is he a more otherworldly visitor? Meanwhile, the daughter of Temple's professional enemy, a lovely seventeen year old who bears a striking resemblance to Priscilla Presley, is in trouble.  A series of death threats culminates in a razor-tattoo attack, leaving her with the letter"E" carved in her neck. And Temple's neighbour and former suitor has been receiving some unusual calls to his midnight radio hotline - and guess who the caller sounds like? When a dead Elvis is found, it's not only a question of whodunnit - but why and who is the dead man? Could Elvis still be alive and hiding behind his impersonators? Or is he really dead again - or for the first time? Or not at all? Cover art by Roger Loveless.

  • While incarcerated for two years in five different prisons, Archer collected numerous ideas for short tales and in this selection, all of them have a twist in the tail:  from  The Man Who Robbed His Own Post Office to Don't Drink the Water...wherein a company chairman decides to poison his wife while on holiday overseas, with very unexpected consequences; Charity Begins at Home - a story of an accountant who realises he has achieved nothing in life and sets out to make his fortune before he retires. Maestro: the tax man sets out to find how an Italian restaurateur can afford a yacht, a Ferrari and a home in Florence on a profit of £100,000 a year; The Red King: a con man finds a wealthy lord needs only one more piece to complete a chess set that will be then worth a fortune; The Commissioner: A Bombay con man finds himself in the morgue when he involves the Police chief as bait in a scam; The Alibi show3s how a murder can be committed when the killer is already in jail and alibi-ed by two prison officers; and The Eye of The Beholder features a devilishly handsome premier league football player who falls in love with a 20-stone woman...who just happens to be the ninth-richest lady in Italy. With illustrations by the irrepressible Roland Searle.
  • Sara Davidson is best known for Loose Change, an autobiographical observation of the Sixties and as co-producer of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She lived in Hollywood, a successful woman, a divorced mother of two and very content. Until she met Zack, a cowboy, who barely completed school and lived in a trailer in the desert. Through Zack, and his love for her and his attitude to life, she learns that receiving someone's love can help us to love ourselves. Cowboy, she says, is a semi-autobiographical story,

  • An omnibus volume containing: The Cavern of Fear; The  Isle of Illusion and The Shadowlands. The Shadow Lord's evil tyranny over Deltora  has ended. He and his sorcerous creatures have been driven back over the mountains. But thousands of Deltorans are still imprisoned as slaves in the Shadowlands, the Enemy's own terrifying domain. Leif, Barda and Jasmine must find a weapon powerful enough to defeat the Shadow Lord on his own ground, if they are to carry out a rescue. According to Legend, the only thing the Shadow Lord fears is the fabled Pirran Pipe. But dos the mysterious Pipe still exist? Do the companions have the courage needed to find it? Will its ancient magic still prevail against the Enemy's sorcery? Cover art by Marc McBride
  • The sequel to The Empire of Ice. Earth lies on the edge of a second ice age, triggered by an erupting volcano in the North Atlantic. A cloud of ash and steam has darkened the Northern Hemisphere, destroying crops, bringing commerce to a standstill and leaving millions dead. The United States faces the prospect of an endless winter. Yet the world leaders are paralysed by apathy, avarice and fear. Ben Meade, maverick geologist, recognises the scope of the problem. With his lover and fellow scientist Marjorie Glynn, he begins to supervise the construction of biospheres across the country to shelter refugees from the deathly cold and restore agricultural production. With time running out, Ben devises a brilliant scheme to divert the Gulf Stream and bring the Earth's weather back into balance. But the nations of the Southern Hemisphere have been reaping windfall profits from their harvests and there those among them who will stop at nothing to destroy the competition. Cover art by Tim Jacobus.
  • Christopher Snow is athletic, witty, handsome enough, romantic and intelligent. But his whole life has been affected by xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare genetic disorder which means his skin and eyes cannot be exposed to sunlight. So Chris lives at night and has never ventured beyond his hometown of Moonlight Bay, a place of picturesque beauty and haunting strangeness; he knows it as no-one else can possibly know it, intimate with its dark hours and shadows. He has always been determined to live the fullest life possible and with the help of family and friends, he has succeeded. But for Chris and everyone in Moonlight Bay, a terrible change is about to happen - a terrible change which will be potentially catastrophic. Cover photograph by Axel Hoedt.