Hardback with dust jacket in good condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in good condition
  • Author Martin Stillwater has the perfect life. He and his wife Paige are happy together. Their two daughters, Charlotte and Emily are intelligent, well-adjusted and healthy. Martin's novels are at last achieving success. Though he doesn't like the publicity, he's about to be in People magazine. So why does he experience sudden blackouts and feel such dread? The killer doesn't know his name, his past or his future, he has no family or friends, he doesn't know who gives him his assignments - only that the targets must die. He cries when he is overwhelmed by his loneliness, tortured by the meaninglessness of his life. He senses that beyond the horizon, there is a town, where a life awaits him and he has family and friends. Charlotte knows there is something wrong. The man stands, sits, moves and sounds like Daddy.  But he doesn't smile as often or as quickly as usual. And when he does smile, he's pretending. Daddy isn't Daddy....
  • The final volume in The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. From bitter defeat on the Isle of One Tree, Thomas, Linden Avery and the Giants of the Search take ship again.  But the Starfare's Gem is crippled and, captured by the Dolewind, sets course for the perilous shifting seas of Giantish legend. The Search is led back to Land, now dangerously close to destruction from the ravages of the Sunbane. And in the fastness of Revelstone, the Clave feed the growing power of the Banefire with the blood of the Land's people. As they are drawn to the cavern below Mount Thunder, even the white gold Covenent and Avery carry may not serve against Lord Foul's powers - for once the wild magic is unleashed, the Arch of Time will crack and Lord Foul's conquest of the Land is assured.
  • Book IV of Incarnations of Immortality. This was a world where both science and magic worked and where magic carpets competed in the market with shiny new cars. The Incarnations of Death, Fate, Time, War, and Nature were real beings caught up in a continuing effort to defeat the wiles of Satan. Mym was prince of a province in still-divided India - a dutiful son, but when the Rajah interfered in his love life for the third time, it was just too much. Rather than give in to the Rajah's wedding plans, he agreed to assume the office of War and wield the Red Sword. For a time he was quite happy, believing that his efforts in the constant petty Earth wars could ameliorate some of the injustice and suffering.  But he soon became aware that behind all his involvement were the traps of Satan, designed to lead him astray. Working in secret, he organised a great rebellion among the Damned, and Satan seemed to capitulate. But he soon learned that the episode was just another snare of Satan....
  • Sophie had lost a child and was looking for peace and rest.  JayJay had had bad luck with husbands - she was now a three time loser and all she wanted was to be a million miles away from her small home town. Glenraven seemed to be an Alpine principality  - obscure, quiet and with almost non-traversable passages the only way in.  In reality, it was a magic kingdom detached dimensionally from the real world.  What the people of Glenraven needed was a couple of heroes to free them from their ruler, a monster in human guise.  What they got was Sophie and JayJay - but they could have done worse.
  • Arbonne, warm and sun-blessed, a land of olive trees and vineyards, of troubadours, love and the sensuous, flamboyant men and women who dwell in the castles and towns of a country dedicated to the worship of the Mother Goddess. Moving through this decadence is the sardonic, bitter Blaise, mercenary captain of Gorhaut, who must soon face the darkest secrets of his past. Gorhaut is a land of dour, hard Northerners who worship the god Corannos and who are rapacious in war. Their ambitious, debauched young king looks to the south and sees Arbonne, ripe for the taking, blasphemously worshipping a goddess and ruled by a woman. The men and women of the two countries will find their lives and the beliefs of life put in the balance, and Arbonne will learn that love and music may be powers only in a civilised time, for neither can combat the power of fire and sword.

  •  Here for the first time is the complete history of Hitler's empire.  No other empire ever bequeathed to historians such mountains of evidence about its rise and fall as the Third Reich. The Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced - before the Nazis could destroy their files - an almost hour-to-hour record of the nightmare realm created by Hitler. This record includes the testimony of Nazi leaders, concentration camp inmates, the diaries of officials, transcripts of secret conferences, army orders, private letters - all the vast paper work behind a conspiracy to conquer the world. This is also the story of Hitler the man - his love affairs, his imprisonment, his suicide.  There is also details of the plot to kidnap the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and hundreds of other inside stories. Most of all, it is the story of how Hitler destroyed his beloved Germany. The author, who watched and reported on the Nazis since 1925 had been reporting on-the-spot from Germany and Europe for almost forty years and spent over five years sifting the mountains of paper that eventually became this definitive history.