Hardback with dust jacket in good condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in good condition
  • In the not so distant future the world hasn't changed that much - men and women still laugh, fall in love and sip wine - but some will live forever as retreads, old souls surgically implanted into the empty bodies of the young. Voss Geraghty is a retread, a retiring government researcher rewarded with a new body. In this new life he wants fun, sex and adventure - what he finds is disappointment.  His 'shell' was donated by a young man who was not eager to die - the shell is damaged, Voss is impotent so he must settle for adventure this time out. In his unusual choice, Voss becomes a troubleshooter for the Space Service and an inadvertent hero. When he returns, the government, controlled by retreads, capitalises on his fame to support the immortality programme against an underground rebellion determined to overthrow the regime of death for the young so that the old may live eternally. The rebellion movement has the technology to cure Voss of his impotence in return for his help in destroying the retread centres.  Still he hesitates - until he meets Alicia and falls in love. He will die in the destruction of the retread centres - but he wants to experience love as well.

  • Take a trip back in time to:  Powder blue Formica coffee bars and the new cappuccino machines, Elvis, Wurlitzer juke boxes, Coke and Pepsi, Teddy boys, quiff hari-do and layers and layers of layered, stiff crepe petticoats.  Wonderful photos illustrating the memories.
  • Joan Baez, the undisputed Queen of Folk, was catapulted to fame after her appearance at the 1958 Newport Folk Festival.  Here, she not only tells her story, but the story of the changing social history of  her time, from the smoke-filled coffee houses of the 1950s to the Vietnam war protests and beyond.
  • A fascinating A - Z guide to the traditions of astrology including Western, Chinese and Native American systems.  Beautifully illustrated with easy-to-follow charts, this is an exploration of techniques to provide  valuable insight into your destiny, character and relationships as well as your personal connection with the earth, nature and the four seasons.
  • This is the first and all-embracing guide to Australian beer ever written - with duly meticulous field research by the author.  With incidental observations on great beer myths, pubs and publicans, barmaids and breathalysers, Mum, beery bards and beer in the kitchen.
  • The era between the wars was one of prosperity.  The Roaring Twenties saw the development of the film and radio industries. Australia could boast of having the best cricketers and arguably, the best racehorse.  But it would not last.  The collapse of the stock market heralded the worldwide Depression and by the time the economy recovered, another generation of young men were enlisting for war. Carroll traces the major themes of Australian life over the decades of prosperity and penury. Illustrated with black and white photographs
  • The house was built in the Old Queen's time for an Elizabethan pirate who was knighted for the plunder he brought home. It survived many eras and many reigns - it saw the passing of Cromwell and the Civil War.  It  was rescued by an illiterate woman farmer, became rich with an Indian Nabob and poor with a twentieth century hotelier.  Children, both heirs and bastards, were born there. It had ghosts, legends and a history that grew stranger with every generation. Never be put off by the covers of any book by Norah Lofts.  She always told a wonderful story, no matter what time period she had chosen.

  • The Hawaii of 1930 was a colonial paradise of soft winds and smooth seas that lured the white man.  The availability of cheap labour was also encouraging.  Five families now control the wealth of the islands, the U.S. Navy patrols the Pacific from Pearl Harbour.  The last Hawaiian family princess, Luahine, lives in exile on a distant island, stripped of her powers.  Then the facade of genteel civilisation is shattered when Hester Murdoch, the young society wife of a Navy lieutenant, is found battered and bleeding on a lonely road.  She unjustly accuses four local boys of rape and assault.  The boys are brought to trial amidst unprecedented media attention, their only defence a scared young local lawyer.  The verdict sets in motion a whirlwind of emotions, violence and passion.