Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition
  • Biggles Learns To Fly: In the war-torn skies of France, seventeen-year-old Biggles, with only hours of flying experience behind him, is sent out to tackle the enemy for the first time.                                                                                                                                                        Biggles Flies East: Biggles reluctantly takes on a spying mission in the desert war which leads to deadly danger - and his first encounter with the evil Von  Stalhein.                                                                                                                                                                   Biggles In The Orient: Who is sabotaging the pilots on the dangerous fight from Calcutta to China? And why? Biggles volunteers to find out - at the risk of his own life.

  • In the early 23rd century, Mars has been terraformed and is now politically independent.  There are canals and shallow seas that are subject to sudden storms and rapid freezes. It's also warmer than ever with plants and animals specifically engineered for life on the planet.  Many of the First Hundred have died and the remaining few are mythological figures to the majority of Martian youth. But on Earth there are troubled times.  Terminal overpopulation, reduced resources and bitter nationalism are rife and many Terrans see Mars as a potential escape.  Thus the safety of the Martian culture depends on the health of Terran cultures.  A campaign is begun on Mars to help Earth through this difficult time. Cover art by Peter Elson.
  • Children of the Thunder: In a near-future London haunted by crime, disease and corruption, freelance science writer Peter Levin stumbles on a group of 13-year-old children, scattered around the world who have the power to make anyone they come into contact with carry out any command - and they are more intimately connected with Levin than he could ever have imagined.                               The Tides of Time: A pair of lovers stranded on a magical Greek island begin a romantic interlude. A cosmic time trip transports them deeper and deeper into history.  They become human guinea pigs in a dangerous experiment that threatens not only their lives, but the continuum of the human race.                                                                                                                                                                                The Crucible of Time: The dark age of superstition had just given way to the glimmerings of rational thought when a new star appeared, heralding a catastrophic epoch. As each generation advances, the planet is beset by plagues, radical climate change and meteoric bombardments. Ultimately the scientists realise that the only hope of survival hinges on the conquest of space - and time is running out...

  • Dusty is a half breed - half dingo and half kelpie sheep dog.  Here is the story of his parentage, his upbringing and the man who 'gives him a go'.
  • Sired by a farmer's  kelpie on a dingo mother, Dusty has been raised by Tom Lincoln since he was six weeks old. He is magnificently swift and alert - the ideal sheep dog, winning sheep dog trials and a trophy coveted by farmers near and far. But one evening Dusty, yearning to roam the night bush and sniff the scented earth, yields to the call of the wild. When Tom discovers blood-stained wool on Dusty's muzzle the next morning, he fears that his loyal companion has reverted to the dingo side of his nature.

  • They were immortal and lived like kings, even though their empire was dying.  Conceited and selfish, the Avatars ruled the fallen world through magic and science. But then two moons appeared in the sky and a terrible enemy breached the gateway between the worlds. The blood-hungry armies of the Crystal Queen swarmed across the land, bringing devastation and terror and leaving in their wake a mountain  of sacrificed dead. As the cities faced imminent destruction, three heroes set out to defeat the enemy: Talaban, a warrior haunted by tragedy; Touchstone, the mystic tribesman seeking his lost love and Anu, the Holy One, the Builder of Time. And when all seemed lost, two others entered the fray: Sofarita, a peasant girl who would inspire a legend and the madman Viruk, who would become a god.

  • The clients of the Skeldale House vet. practice vary from dour farmers who expect miracles for nothing, those grateful for any little service and for James Herriot, the real five star owners and patients like Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki Woo. Here are animal characters from cart horses to kittens; a dog whose staple diet is fish and chips, a cat who presides over his master's business and cows and ewes with complicated calvings and lambings. Siegfried and James are compelled to take on assistants, one of whom - Calum Buchanan - has a larger than life personality  with a magical touch, and a menagerie of his own that includes badgers, dogs, owls and foxcubs who take up residence in the kitchen. James' wife Helen is there, steering him through the often comic crises with serene practicality, as well as his children Jimmy and Rosie, both determined to follow in their father's footsteps.  A book for anyone who loves animals and laughter. Illustrated by Victor Ambrus.

  • The high-octane, girl-chasing sequel to Over The Top With Jim. Hugh travels from late adolescence to his early misadventures as a cadet reporter. The larger-than-life Jim is still with him, shifting refrigerators and English grammar with equal ease. Hugh's on a quest for true love - and a souped-up Plymouth Belvedere! A wonderful picture of growing up in Australia in the 60's.