Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition
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  • Nora and her husband Davey Chancel, the neglected scion of a successful publishing house, live in Westerholme  - a town that's recently made the news.  Four murders - all of them successful divorced or widowed women.  When the Chancels attend the police station to identify an acquaintance thought to be the fifth victim, Nora is implicated in the murder - but is then kidnapped by the killer.  She survives by feeding the killer's ego - but how long can she stay alive?
  • The life of Lord Halifax, remembered as the architect of the policy of achievement of Nazi Germany.  His meeting with Hitler in 1937 was a milestone in appeasement yet just days before the 1938 Munich conference, Halifax repudiated the policy and demanded the destruction of Nazism.  By May 1940, it was he rather than Churchill who was the choice for Britain's war leader.  His public life also included Viceroy of India from 1926 - 31 and a deal with Gandhi that ended the Civil Disobedience campaign before it could force the British to quit.
  • Book III of The Hound and the Falcon. Alfred, former elven priest, having rejoined the turbulent affairs of mankind has settled  among his own fair folk in Rhiyana with Thea, his companion and lover. Thea bears twin children but before they can enjoy their family,  Thea and the twins are literally spirited away to a place Alfred and the other elven folk cannot sense, even with their extraordinary powers. It is one such as Alfred who has committed this crime, one with stronger gifts than Alfred. And such revenge could only come from one source: The Hounds of God, the appointed inquisitors of the Church in Rome. Alfred follows his only lead to Rome to catch a demonic devil hunter and save his loved ones and the Hounds are preparing to descend on Rhiyana to destroy the elven rule. Jacket art by Kevin Eugene Johnson.
  • There's been any number of films and fictional representations - but who was the man in the iron mask?  The mystery has intrigued people for over two hundred and fifty years.  Here are all the theories, counter-theories and fantasies - from the claim that he was the twin brother of Louis XIV to him being Eustache Dauger, going by way of such candidates as the Duke of Monmouth, Richard Cromwell, Molière, Nicholas Fouquet, an Armenian archbishop, an Italian astrologer and many more. Here are all the facts of the prisoner's existence presented chronologically together with the myths that have flourished, from the preposterous stories of the gaoler in 1669 to the alleged discovery of his skeleton in an old tower in Cannes in 1977. Illustrated.

  • This is the story of Mary Slessor  (1848 - 1915) whose heroic service is commemorated in a window in the Victoria Art Gallery, Dundee. In 1874 there was a great wave of missionary enthusiasm and Mary Slessor answered the call.  In 1876 she set sail from Liverpool for Nigeria where she learned Efik, one of the numerous local languages, then began teaching. Because of her understanding of the native language and her bold personality Mary Slessor gained the trust and acceptance of the locals and was able to spread Christianity  while promoting women's rights and protecting native children.
  • Crime Collection. The Pale Horse: A Catholic Priest is brutally bludgeoned to death returning from a visit to a dying woman. In his shoe is a scrap of paper with a list of names - all of whom died recently and seemingly from natural causes and advantageously for those who gained by the deaths. There are whispers about a pale horse. A place? A person? An organisation? Mark Easterbrook hears the whispers that those prepared to pay can ensure that natural death becomes the ally of their ambitions. The search for a solution leads Easterbrook to a quiet Hampshire village where three modern witches boast openly of their occult powers...                                                                                                 The Big Four: The Big Four are master criminals who Poirot is determine to unmask. They are no mere international crime syndicate - their goal is world domination and all their successes  - each of which would be accounted a major achievement by lesser criminals - are merely steps toward supremacy. Three of the four are mysterious background figures: one is Chinese, one an American multi-millionaire and the other a brilliant woman. The fourth is an anonymous and ruthless killer of those who would challenge the Four.                                                The Secret Adversary:   Tommy and Tuppence, to earn a living in post-war London, try advertising themselves in The Times as willing to do almost anything. The mysterious Mr Whittington of the equally mysterious Esthonia Glassware Company has a strange proposition to make, but when Tuppence chooses the alias of Jane Finn, Mr Whittington is at first furious then, anxious to soothe his employee-to-be, gives the astonished Tuppence a  payment of £50 in advance of services to be rendered. But the next day, Mr Whittington has vanished and the Esthonia Glassware Company has locked its offices and apparently gone out of business. It seems that the alias 'Jane Finn' is the same name of a young American who vanished under very strange circumtances five years ago.

  • Beneath the Opera House in Paris, somewhere in the dark labyrinths hidden from public view, the Phantom lurks, watching and waiting.  In his crazed obsession to further the career of a beautiful young singer, he will stop at nothing - not even murder. This 75th anniversary edition contains a foreword by Peter Haining, which introduces the larger-than-life character of author Gaston Leroux and traces the history of the Phantom - its basis in fact, the novel's poor reception yet its astonishing success in the cinema and theatre.  There is also a special appendix in which a speculation links the Phantom to Sherlock Holmes.   Cover art by Mark Teague.

  • Book IV of Earth's Children. Ayla the orphan and Jondalar the traveller leave the safety of the lands of the mammoth hunters and embark on a seemingly impossible journey across the whole of a continent to the Cro-Magnon settlement from which Jondalar set out years before as a young man. Accompanied by the half-tame Wolf, the stallion Racer and the mare Whinney, they brave enemies, the elements and the unforgiving terrain in their search for the place they call home.
  • Book II of The Door Within. Dark rumours have surfaced that Paragor is seeking the ancient Wyrm Lord to crush Alleble and finally take the crown for himself. When Aidan Thomas' new friend - bright, headstrong Antoinette Reed - is called to the Realm, Aidan enlists her help to rescue his best friend.  But will Antoinette follow the True King or the evil Paragor?