Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition

//Hardback with dust jacket in very good condition
  • Charles Dickens shuddered at his memory, calling him a 'deified beast'. Tacitus and Seutonius portrayed him as a monster, steeped in vice and guilty of atrocious cruelty.  Yet Pliny called him the saddest of all men, and the German historian Mommsen thought him the most capable of emperors.  Tiberius is an enigma - a great general and a prudent ruler who abruptly withdrew from the seat of power to live his last years on Capri - years which Tacitus depicted as a reign of horror. Yet to the end, Tiberius remained a conscientious and capable administrator.  Now Tiberius speaks for himself, through the author: recounting the story of his life, brooding on the relationship with his mother Livia and his stepfather Augustus, his two wives, his protégé Sejanus and younger members of the Imperial family. The result is a portrait of a withdrawn, secretive man driven by duty rather than love of power.
  • Mrs. Gunn's timeless classic was first published in 1908.  Newly married, Jeannie Gunn accompanies her husband to 'The Elsey' the huge cattle station in the Northern Territory, several hundred miles from the nearest town.  She is one of the very few white women n the area and at first her presence is resented by the stockmen until her warmth and spirit win their affection and respect.  A rare chronicle of pioneer life in the outback, written with moving simplicity to convey the beauty and cruelty of the land, the isolation and loneliness, and the comradeship and kindness of the early settlers.

  • An awesome collection of 87 of Lawson's best known stories, that will take the reader from the Sydney slums to the shearing sheds of northern New South Wales - stories peopled with drovers, buckjumpers, seamen, diggers, drunks and lovers. Some of the stories herein: An Old Mate of Your Father's; Arvie Aspinall's Alarm Clock; Mitchell Doesn't Believe In The Sack; The Drover's Wife; Two Dogs and a Fence; Baldy Thompson; Andy Page's Rival; Bill, The Ventriloquial Rooster; Mr. Smellingscheck; The Shanty-keepr's Wife; Two Boys At Grinder Bros; Mitchell on 'Sex' And Other 'Problems'  and so much more.

  • The part played by over 24,000 women in the Australian Army in World War II is largely unknown - until now. Here is recorded their involvement in the Cowra massacre, poisonous gas experiments, intelligence services and other ground breaking areas. Taken from first-hand revealing experiences, photos and documents.