Heron Books edition 1973

//Heron Books edition 1973
  • Roger Brook adventure No. V. August 1794: Roger Brook – Prime Minister Pitt's most daring and resourceful secret agent – had sailed for the West Indies with a party that included three beautiful women. His purpose: pleasure. But the Caribbean, blue seas, lush tropical islands and palm-shaded beaches, was infested with pirates. The slaves of the 'Sugar islands' were in revolt. All this Roger Brook encountered. But also he uncovered a mysterious episode in the early life of the Empress Josephine – a mystery that had its effect on the Parisian intrigues that led to Napoleon receiving his first great command: the Army of Italy. A mystery that tied together many strange scenes and unlikely events. Illustrated by Steve Henderson.
  • A de Richleau adventure No VII. July, 1936: Spain writhed in the torment of Civil War. In a Madrid bank lay ten tons of gold: and both sides wanted it. Its owner was the lovely Countess Lucretia Coralles - known to the rebels as 'the golden Spaniard' - who led the double life of a secret agent. She had other secrets too – and one of them was the reason why the Duke de Richleau responded so quickly to her appeal for help, throwing himself into the desperate struggle in which his own closest companions of earlier adventures were now his most dangerous foes...Illustrated by Peter Whiteman.
  • Toby Jugg, a fighter pilot shot down in combat, is now confined to his bed with little hope of walking again. He is also the heir to a considerable fortune - a fortune that is being administered by a board of trustees until he comes of age. At night, he is becoming increasingly disturbed by a strange presence - a mysterious shadow thrown by the moonlight through a gap in the blackout curtains. He is convinced the shadow is cast by a malevolent and unnatural entity trying to get into his room. Toby is unable to convince anyone of the reality of this entity, and slowly comes to believe that there is a ploy against him, a plot to send him mad, or to make it appear that he is already mad in order to usurp his fortune. Is this some form of hallucination? Is this unearthly creature real or a product of his imagination? Are the people caring for him actually plotting his destruction, or are they sincerely concerned for a young man whose grip on sanity is steadily weakening? Illustrated by David Hollinshead.
  • Julian Day adventure No. II In the battle-worn days of 1940, Julian Day finds himself in Alexandria - in a whirlpool of intrigue and spy-rings. He falls under suspicion from both from his fellow countrymen and the Germans and, driven by conflicting loyalties, he sets sail for Greece and the ill-starred campaign of 1941. Determined to sheath the Sword of Fate, he journeys into the heart of enemy-held territory. The danger is desperate; the price of failure - death. Illustrated by Peter Whiteman.
  • Duke de Richleau adventure No. IV. A murder in the heart of London's Clubland - and a somewhat unusual detective force: the connoisseur Duke de Richleau, a husky American millionaire and a young man-about-town on a charge of matricide. When lovely young Lady Felicity gets involved, there's a love affair in the air...then all that's needed is a dead body in a bath and an invitation to tea with an old lady in Sussex for a twist to a first rate crime story. Illustrated by Shirley Bellwood.