Paperback; faint spine creases; tightly bound and clean within

//Paperback; faint spine creases; tightly bound and clean within
  • One day, on a dive in the Mediterranean, marine archeologist Jack Howard gets very lucky. He and his team uncover what could be the key to the location of the lost island. Jack's on the verge of making an astounding breakthrough, but someone else knows the location of Atlantis. And Jack and those close to him are locked in a life or death game with consequences that could destroy thousands of lives. What Jack discovers is beyond his wildest dreams - but it comes at a terrifying price.

  • Book II of Forest Kingdom. In Castle Midnight, where the Real and Unreal meet, the King lies murdered.  His three sons get ready to do battle for the throne.  One prince is ill - possibly the victim of poison - so his followers, determined to keep his illness a secret, hire an impersonator.  The Great Jordan had been a great actor, but currently down on his luck, and more than willing to take on a royal role.  Then the Unreal gets the upper hand and large sections of the castle become supernatural no-go zones, with hallucinations and spectres as thick on the ground as spies and traitors - and just as deadly.  Soon the Great Jordan begins to wonder if this is his final curtain call. Cover art by David Farren.
  • Many residents of The Tides Nursing Home see the past more clearly than the present.  So when Marshall, an elderly patient with Alzheimer's disease begins to see a mystery woman called Faye, no one pays much attention, including his daughter, Rebecca.  But when she delves into her father's past, she finds that he was once married to a disturbed and dangerous woman - and he believes that she's returned.  As sinister and fatal accidents begin to plague The Tides, Rebecca fights desperately to survive the dream of a dead madwoman.