Printed board cover in very good condition

//Printed board cover in very good condition
  • 1907 Edition.
  • Undercover enforcer Sean Dillon tackles a new crisis as Presidential skeletons threaten to burst out of the closet. In the last days of World War II, Hitler gave his diary to a young aide, Baron Max Von Berger, for safekeeping. Over the years, Von Berger has become the richest and most powerful men in the world, developing a secret alliance with the Rashid family - old foes of Major Ferguson of British intelligence and his former IRA enforcer Dillon. Now, the diary and its explosive revelations of a secret wartime meeting between Hitler and Roosevelt will destroy US President Jake Cazalet - unless Dillon finds it first.

  • A Public Service conspiracy...a major cover-up...and the failure of democratic safeguards.  This book, published in 1989,  was described as 'too hot for the media' yet was recommended by Labour MPs Dr Ian Alexander and George Gear; Liberal MPs Barrie MacKinnon and Bill Grieg; Democrat Jean Jenkins; Independent Hon. Ian Thompson and historian Dame Mary Durack.  The author served sixteen months of a three year prison term an a charge of attempting to mislead the Commonwealth Export Grants Board.  He maintained until his death that he had been framed. This copy is autographed by the author and comes with the original book launch review and a signed letter from the author to the Hon. Jim McLelland dated 9 December 1990.  This book had a limited run of 200 in hardback and 1000 in paperback.
  • Aunt Mary...The Down-The-Back...The Reading Room...or just the Dunny.  For years we pretended the dunny didn't exist. It was there - but it didn't bear thinking about. The outhouse has disappeared from the Australian landscape, a victim of septics, sewerage and sophistication.  Yet it has a rich heritage of anecdote and architecture.  This is not a book of raw lavatory humour - it is the story behind the outhouse and a large slice of social history.  Published in 1983, the author could not have had any idea that in 2017, there would be a movement in Australia to preserve the few outhouses still remaining in rural areas and even in inner city places. This edition even comes complete with leather loop for hanging on a nail in the 'loo. Illustrated by Ronald Revitt.
  • An extremely rare volume of a new chum's impression of the Colony, through letters to his brother, detailing large, small and day-to-day observations and events.
  • To be 'in the doghouse' is Australian for being in trouble with the wife.Stan, Ray, Dave and Lurky find themselves out of favour with their respective missus and so they take refuge down in Dave's old boat-shed.  The wives expect them to crawl home half starved and full of apologies after a few hours, but the four mates decide to fend for themselves - cook, clean and shop - with the occasional drop of Red Ned in between.  They're going to prove they can survive without the fairer sex - well - that's the theory...and their wives are intrigued by the situation.  John O'Grady knows a fair bit about surviving, cooking, cleaning - and Red Ned.
  • Contains three stories: Count Hugo of Craenhove; The Story of Abulfaragus; The Poor Gentleman.
  • Book only, despite the title.  How to use essential oils A-Z, with chapters on health, beauty and the Mind and the best oils to begin with.
  • Volume III of the Industrial and Social History series. The history of our ancestors in the age of the chase - the time of hunting that necessitated invention of new weapons, the study of herd migration, the re-designing of tool and much more, told in an easy fictional fashion with plenty of rotogravure illustrations. First published in 1911, this is the 1938 edition and this book is still in print today.