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  • There was menace in the night skies over England: an international smuggling racket with far-reaching political implications. Gregory Sallust knew nothing of this when, in the Casino at Deuville, he first saw the beautiful Sabine Sventy. Even the presence beside her of Lord Gavin Fortescue -  a man as rich as he was evil - gave him no warning of the violence and danger to which he was committed from that very moment, nor that he would have to save Sabine from a retribution that she ha surely earned.

  • Herwiss, sole possessor of the Power of the Flame, can neither use nor control it, despite his adeptness at sorcery.  He is unexpectedly summoned to the aid of his beloved friend, the exiled Prince Freelorn and his mystical powers help rout the besieging armies.  Now Herwiss must decide: to join Freelorn in the fight to regain his lost kingdom - or to continue his own perilous quest into the Forbidden Wastelands, where many Doors lead into other worlds.
  • A profoundly original and thought-provoking book - a critical appraisal of the evolution of science fiction and the part it plays in society today.  Intelligent and highly credible, a glimpse of a future in which science fiction has become science fact.
  • One by one they were vanishing - refugees from the nightmare that was 2490 A.D. But where were they heading? In the crowded and hungry world of 2490, there was nowhere to go.  They began to reappear - not in Paris, or Moscow or Nairobi - but in the 1930s, the 1980s and even the heady days of the 2100s. An escape route had been found and it was CrimSec Quellen's job to block it - before a careless time-hopper could alter the course of history. But CrimSec Quellen didn't care much for the pattern of the past - after all, it had produced the world of 2490. In fact, CrimSec Quellen was more than half ready to time-hop himself...
  • In the Lands of the True Game, your lifelong identity will emerge as you play...Prince or Sorcerer? Armiger or Dragon? Demon or Doyen...
  • In a time when the Earth's interplanetary empire is crumbling; on a world where technology has begun to fail; when the rightful ruler of the planet has been deposed by young man embodies the spirit of survival.
  • At the time of Edward III, marriageable daughters were welcome currency in the plans of ambitious men.  In the village of Mayfield, young beautiful Oriel de Sharndene has been forced into marriage with the Archbishop of Canterbury's brother, though she loves a young Gascon squire.  But all is not as it seems - for these three people who have not only met in another life are fated to meet again and again.
  • No one at Gad's Hall could admit they knew about the locked attic room, nor what had become of the inhabitants of that living tomb.  A family secret, shamefully uried, because there was no other option.  But 130 years later, when a new young family moves in, the evil awakens to take another innocent.
  • There was something terribly wrong with the small farming community of Wakely - something wrong with the livestock, with the people. The mysterious Venderburg Chemicals Group, fiercely protecting its interest no matter what the cost to Wakely or even the rest of mankind, seem to be behind the wrongness.  Who would've thought red meat could be this bad for you?