Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Book V of The Amtrak Wars. With Clearwater now safely in their hands, the Federation hatches a plan to capture Cadillac and Mr Snow and annihilate the Clan McCall.
  • At the heart of the Empire lies Golgotha, the planet of the Iron Throne.  Once, it was impregnable but now...the Iron Bitch may have made a mistake.  She outlawed Owen Deathstalker and awoke a lust for revenge in a quiet man.  At last, the espers and clones, the AIs and freaks, the innocent and the damned have someone to look to to lead the Rebellion.
  • Valerius, hailed 'Hero of Rome' is not the man he once was - scarred both physically and emotionally by the battles he has fought. His sister is mortally ill, his father is in self-imposed exile. And Rome is not the city that he left. Nero grows increasingly paranoid. Those seeking power for themselves whisper darkly in the Emperor's ears of a new threat within the walls of Rome - the sect of the followers of Christus, who deny Nero's divinity and who are spreading sedition. Nero calls on Valerius to become the Defender of Rome - to seek out this rebel sect, to capture its leader Petrus. To fail will be to forfeit his life and the lives of twenty thousand Judeans living in Rome. But as Valerius begins his search, he will find that success may cost him as dearly as failure.

  • Set in the world of Deryni as created by Katherine Kurtz.  Gwynedd is in turmoil, rife with bandits, assassins and the tyranny of corrupt petty rulers as civil war threatens the kingdom.  In the far north a mad, self-proclaimed messiah, secure in an impregnable fortress has raised an army of fanatics.  Their goal - exterminate the superhuman Deryni.  A Crossroads Adventure. Cover art by David Cherry.
  • Sergeant Ainslie of the Miami Police homicide department is about to take a well-earned family holiday when he's called away on an urgent mission.  A criminal on Death Row, with only a few hours to live before being sent tot he electric chair, has requested that Ainslie hear his confession.  Will Elroy 'Animal' Doyle finally confess to the series of grisly double murders for which Ainslie hunted him down?  Or - as Ainslie is a former Catholic priest - does the convicted man's desire to 'confess' have a totally different meaning?
  • Book II of the Galactic Milieu series. As the 21st century closes and growing group of rebels plot to declare the human planets independent from  the Milieu and end a 30 year association.  They are aided by the insane Fury who seeks to rule the Galaxy itself.  A key figure in Fury's scheme is Dorothea Macdonald - possessed of metapsychic powers, she only wants a quiet life on the planet Caladonia.  She rejects Fury's overtures and the monster vows to destroy her.  When the Milieu become aware of her powers she is forced to leave her family and use her power for the benefit of all.  At the Metapsychic Institute, she discovers that one day she will rule Caladonia and she meets Jack the Bodiless. Together they are the only hope of defeating the rebels.
  • Herb just wanted to photograph the cheerleaders in the school showers.  He hid his camera, rigged it to a homemade timer and looked forward to developing the film on Friday night.  But a girl dies on Friday afternoon - seemingly in a tragic car crash.  But when Herb does develop his film, he has a picture of a shadowy figure sneaking up on the now-deceased girl with a baseball bat.  So - was she dead before the car accident? And does the murderer know Herb has taken the picture?
  • Herb just wanted to photograph the cheerleaders in the school showers.  He planted a camera high in the corner where no-one would see it and rigged it to a special home-made timer.  He hoped by Friday to have some exciting pictures.  But a girl dies on Friday afternoon - and it seems to be a tragic car accident.  But when Herb develops his film, he finds a picture that shows  a shadowy figure sneaking up on the girl - with a baseball bat.  So was the girl dead long before the car accident? And Herb doesn't consider if the murderer knows he took the picture...
  • Sir Fred Hoyle and Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe freceived world wide attention on the publication of their book Lifecloud which argues that life arrived on Earth from outer space. Now, in this equally controversial sequel, they maintain that viruses and bacteria responsible for plagues, diseases, influenzas and the common cold originate in space and are stored deep-frozen in comets which swarm around the solar system and subsequently fall to Earth.  By examining the infall of pathogenic material from space and analysing plagues and epidemics, the authors provide startling evidence of the relationship between astronomy and disease.