Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Book VII of Incarnations of Immortality. In Pursuit of the Ultimate Good, after an overwhelming succession of tragedies, life has finally, mercifully ended for Orlene, once-mortal daughter of Gaea. Joined in Afterlife by Jolie - her protector and the sometime consort of Satan  - together they seek out a third: Vita, a very contemporary mortal with troubles, attractions, and an unsettling moral code uniquely her own. An extraordinary triumvirate, they embark on a great quest to reawaken the Incarnation of Good in a world where evil reigns - facing challenges that will test the very fiber of their beings with trials as numerous, as mysterious, and as devastating as the Incarnations themselves. Cover art by Steve Crisp.
  • Orphans born in the depths of space, they were engineered to range the galaxy in search of fortune. Misfits and outlaws, they defied the huge interstellar cartels that ruled space.  Ubu Roy was the strong young bossrider of the starship Runaway, who held all of history in his remarkable memory.  Beautiful Maria was an ace star shooter and cybernetic witch, who could bend space time to find the perfect singularity.
  • In search of her missing niece, Dion arrives in luxurious Akieva, glorious and corrupt capital of decadent Aramaya. At the dazzling court of the handsome young emperor, Dion finds her niece trapped in a web of necromancy and deceit.  At the centre of the web is Dion's old enemy, Bedazzer, the ruthless demon who has vowed to posses her.  In the coming conflict, Dion must confront the dark secrets of her own heart and the evil of those around her.
  • Arcady lies on the Borders, with their ancient ruins and wondrous artifacts.  But they can be perilous: those who venture too close risk disappearing forever into the Absences, voids where the fabric of reality unravels.  When Solomon Hawken is summoned home to Arcady, the Borders have again breached his family's estate and his niece has vanished into nothingness.  With the girl's father maddened by grief and drink, and his other brother locked into a brutal civil war, Solomon must turn to a magic he can scarcely control to save his family - and perhaps his entire world. Cover art by Mick Van Houten.
  • France, 1944. The bombing mission had gone well.  The Lancaster bomber crew began to relax, then the Messerschmit came out of the darkness, its guns blazing.  Of nine men, only Neville and Urquhart survive, parachuting into the heart of occupied France.  Now the time of testing has begun in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the enemy.
  • It was the dare of the century.  Phileas Fogg bet his entire fortune that he could cross 19th century Earth - with no plans, no special arrangements and no air travel - in exactly eighty days.  One delay, one breakdown, one missed connection - and Fogg would lose everything.  Within hours he was off.  Across Europe, Arabia, India, China, Japan and the untamed vastness of America...By train, sled, ship, small boat, sled and elephant-back...Through jungles, mountains, typhoons, blizzards, corrupt rulers, duels and battling savages - and chased by a  relentless bounty hunter who is convinced that Fogg is a fleeing bank robber!  Complete and unabridged edition.
  • Around The World In Eighty Days is the romantic tale of the adventures of Englishman Phineas Fogg and his French valet, Passepartout, who take on a bet that they can circumnavigate the world in eighty days. Five Weeks In A Balloon vividly describes the adventures of an English scientists and his two companions as they cross Africa by balloon.

  • Talia, former runaway and now a trainee Herald, is chosen by the Companion Rolan, a mystical and horse-like powerful being for the Queen's elite Guard.  For Talia has certain mind-talents that Rolan can sense.  But as Talia struggles to master her unqiue abilities, a conspiracy is brewing  in Valdemar that could destroy the Queen and the Kingdom.  Diabolical magic and treachery abound as the pregnant Queen turns to her Heralds for the protection of the realm. Cover art by Jody Lee.
  • Artemis has constructed a super-computer from stolen fairy technology.  In the wrong hands, it could be fatal for humans and fairies alike.  But Artemis has a brilliant plan.  He's not going to use it.  He's just going to show it to a ruthless American businessman with Mafia connections. He'll have his bodyguard Butler with him.  What could possibly go wrong?