Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Book IV of The Amtrak Wars. Steve, Cadillac and Clearwater meet in triumph and disaster as they try to evade the clutches of both the Iron Master and the First Family.  The Samurai of Ne-Issan are tenacious adversaries and the Federation rulers have no intention of loosening their grip on Steve Brickman. He and his friends are valuable pawns in a game which, if lost, could mean the end of the First Family's dream on reconquering the blue-sky world.
  • Sequel to Black Trillium. Three princesses endowed with the awesome powers of the Trillium Talismans.  Haramis is devoted to the study of magic and science; Anigel and her husband King Atar govern their provinces with love; Kadiya is still wild, impetuous and careless.  Then Kadiya loses her Talisman in the deep waters off the Windlorn Isles and Anigel's husband and children are kidnapped by the mysterious sorcerer Portolanus, who demands Anigel's Talisman as ransom.  The world begins to lose balance.  Storms rage and war looms.

  • Book I. The Annals of the Dinochrome Brigade. The great artillery machines developed by the Bolo Division of General Motors took on awareness in later designs and gradually began to replace man in that most human of endeavours - WAR! Here, in the first of this landmark series, the ultimate fighting machines tell their own fascinating, far-ranging and ultimately tragic story.
  • Deep in Australia's outback, a woman has been murdered and her small daughter has vanished. Ole Fren' Yorky, a crazy wanderer, is known to have been in the area, and his footprints have been identified near the body. Could he be the murderer? Terror and anger sweep the bushlands.  But when he too disappears, even the Aboriginal trackers are baffled.  Only in the outback, weird land of the willi-willi and dreaded pointing bone, can this riddle be solved - and this entails Inspector Napoleaon Bonaparte buying a beautiful girl.
  • Number Ten Ox was a droll and modest young man who had no wish to be a hero.  But when a malevolent plague fell over his village, Ox had no choice, for all the children between the ages of eight and thirteen lay still as death in the old monastery.  With his mentor, a wise and wily sage and old beyond belief, Ox set forth to find the antidote to the poison.  Their search leads them to a homicidal monarch, the cruellest duke in history, pleading ghosts, Jade Pearl, the loveliest girl in the world and a mystery that began a thousand years before they were born.

  • A novelisation of the Carlo Ponti film of Noel Coward's 1936 play Still Life. A chance meeting in a cafe, a piece of grit delicately removed by a gentleman from a lady's eye - and an affair is born; a brief yet unrelenting emotional tug-of-war between two people whose desire clashes with the facts of their lives. Anna is married to Graham and happily content with her home and children; Alec is trapped in a loveless marriage with  cool, uninvolved Melanie, using his work as a doctor for fulfillment. Passion is ignited, then comes the test - can their dream become lasting love or will it founder on the rocks of reality?

  • Preludes, Volume III: DragonLance.  Cats are disappearing..what happened to them? And why has their disappearance sent the city of Mereklar into a panic.  A beautiful noblewoman persuades Raistlin, Caramon and their kender companion Earwig Lockpicker to search for the cats.  ut what starts out as an intriguing mystery turns sinister when the town's leading citizens are murdered - by what appears to be a giant feline.
  • The great majority of people do not realize that the culture and social customs of the Australian indigenous people are a unique survival from the distant past. What to us is only too often a treeless, desert waste, where the mirage mocks the weary traveller, is to them a homeland with a story or legend attached to every feature. This is a chance to step back into a remote past and share in daily life of an ancient people. Illustrated with black and white photos.
  • Tommy and Tuppence visit an unpleasant aunt in a rest home and this is the beginning of murder, ladies disappearing from rest-homes, sinister empty houses and black magic - a classic Christie cast.