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  • The story of the building of the first road to cross Central Australian from east to west between 1956 - 1958. The author received the British Empire Medal for his surveying and building of the road that became known as the Gun Barrel Highway.
  • On February 14, someone works out a scheme for murder and fixes a date in September.  During the summer, others in the cast of the events to come make their holiday plans.  In September, Mr. Treves, London solicitor, finds himself in a comfortable hotel near Gull's Point, homeof Lady Tressilian.  Gathered int he house is an assortment of guests: Neville Strange, well known athlete and Lady Tressilian's heir; his beautiful wife Kay; his divorced wife Audrey; and Thomas Royde, an old friend of the family on leave from Malaya. Kay's decorative friend Ted Latimer is staying at a hotel across the estuary.  And in the background, the incorruptible journalist McWhirter.  The stage is set for murder, and events are moving inexorably towards zero.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest  No. 29.  Everyone in your village knows about the Tower of Darkness. It's said to be bewitched and more than one villager - including your mother - has entered its dark passages, never to be seen again. But you'll have to brave whatever might be lurking inside...

  • Book III of The Dumarest Saga. Wanted by Dumarest: information on the whereabouts of the planet Earth. On the world Toy was the giant computer that might have the information. But the world of Toy gave nothing for free. The information would be costly. Dumarest would have to take part in the Toy games. Fight like a tin soldier in a giant nursery. Yet there was nothing childish about being a plaything on Toy. The pain was real - as were the wounds, the blood and death.

  • Throughout history people have found themselves on the edge of eternity and have returned to tell their experiences.  After 400 interviews, Dr Sutherland wasn't surprised to find many similarities.  This book is an exploration of how near death experiences have changed a person's life and beliefs such as; losing their fear of death; a new belief in reincarnation; a move toward spirituality and away from organised religion; and the loss of some personal relationships.
  • Book II of The Demon Child. On the brink of death, R'shiel is taken to the Harshini haven of Sanctuary where crucuial decisions are being made. Can the Demon Child's life be saved? On Medalon's northern  borders, Tarja Tenragen and the Defenders are helpless as Karien threatens war. An alliance with the Hythrun could be Medalon's only hope but should Tarja trust Damin Wolfblade, warlord and heir to the throne of Hythria? King Hablet of Fardohnya will ally with whoever seems to offer the most reward.  His eldest daughter, Princess Adrina could prove to be his greatest asset, however, she is wayward and rebellious, and has her own plans - which do not include obedience to her father or her new husband.

  • Lara thinks she may be losing her mind. The spirit of her Great Aunt Sadie is haunting her - in the form of a Charleston-mad flapper. She has a last request - Lara has to track down a missing necklace, as Sadie can't rest without it.  Lara's already got enough problems: her start -up company is floundering, her business partner's just run off to Goa and she's been dumped by the love of her life.  But she finds life with Sadie is actually rather glamorous and the treasure hunt turns into something intriguing and romantic.  A good and fun mystery story.

  • When high school sweethearts Karen and Richard Sharpe married, they shared an interest in medicine, a desire for a family and dreams for the future.  For Karen, the dream turned into a nightmare. After years of abuse at the hands of her physician husband, she tried to end their 27-year marriage.  Fearing a crushing divorce settlement, Richard ended the marriage first by unloading a .22 rifle into Karen's chest.  The murder revealed more than Boston society was ready for: Richard Sharpe's compulsive cross-dressing, with a preference for his own daughter's underwear; his taking of hormones to grow breasts, even stealing his wife's birth control pills to help the process.  But there was more - much more...Illustrated with black and white photographs.

  • Once the looting didn't start until the enemy was defeated. But in North Africa no-one hung around waiting for the retreat. With half of Egypt waiting open-armed for anything going, people simply stole whatever was nailed down and flogged it on the Cairo black market. The British -the Italians - Rommel's Afrika Corps - they all used each other's captured vehicles, uniforms and stores.  This is how the Desert Ratbags - a concert party stranded behind the Italian lines - operate. With their very special skills,  from pilfering to stage performing, they not only survive, but see a little action for themselves.