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  • Paula Mendoza - Earth-born anarchist and rebel - had been hired by the Committee for the Revolution for a specific purpose.  Her task - to forge a truce between the Middle Planets and the Styths, a powerful race of mutants raiding piratically out of deep space and threatening Earth, Mars and Luna. Paula's first meet with the Stythian warlord Saba was far from successful.  But she had her own powers of persuasion and seemed to succeed in her objective by employing a shrewd and unexpected political gambit. But as the only Earth-born being in the artificial cities of the Gas Planets, she was Earth's sole link with the Stythian Empire - a link that could be easily severed....
  • In clear language, Weinberg equips even the most unscientific reader with enough knowledge to understand what happened after the Big Bang. He then gives a slow-motion presentation of the Universe's first three minutes.  With black and white photographs.
  • The year is 2334 and deep space travel is finally going to happen.  The first probe, Revenant, transporting hundreds of clones, has blasted off.  The search has begun for a better future.  But then Mars demands independence from Earth.  The clones' probe is trapped between the two.  War could be on the agenda and Earth is in turmoil. The people want a fight, and Dirk is needed - urgently.  But he's vanished.  Despite peace negotiations, AWS is waging its own war against the human race.  Can Dirk come to the rescue and crash the program before both fleets self destruct?
  • The world called Indigo turned upside down for Magdala Cled one unexpected morning.  From being the world's only genetic misfit, the shunned outcast of an otherwise ideal society, she became the focus of attention for mighty forces. Once they had installed her in the Electric forest, with its weird trees and super-luxurious private home, Magdala awoke to the potentials that were opening up around her.  She also realised the peril that now seemed poised above Indigo - which only she, the hated one, could possibly avert.
  • Charles Render is the  Shaper - a psychoanalyst and a mechanic of dreams. In a warm womb of metal his patients dream their neuroses, while Render, intricately connected to their brains, dreams with them, makes delicate adjustments and ultimately explains and heals. Eileen Shallot is a resident in psychiatry who wants desperately to become a Shaper. She has been blind since birth. She's told that it's impossible for her to become a Shaper - but can Render help her?
  • Gunderson returned to Holman's World seeking atonement for his harsh years as colonial governor.  But now this lush, mysterious planet was called by its ancient name of Belzagor and it belonged one again to its native races, the Nildoror and the Sulidoror.  Gunderson began a harrowing pilgramage to its mist-shrouded north, to witness a strange ritual of rebirth that would alter him forever.
  • The sequel to Wild Card Run and Win, Lose Draw. The electronic phantom incorporeals have infiltrated the computer matrix on the ocean world Cyvrus.  Central Interlock must send a human agent to decipher the aliens' signal - an investigation that erupts in a deadly, desperate race.  The agent assigned has cyborgs and mechmen on her tail; allies have betrayed her and her last chance is her allies' clones.
  • Four million years ago the crew of the starship Challenger abandoned the search for their home Earth and settled on the third planet of a solar system on the fringe of a galaxy, leaving Angel One and Angel Two, the ship's computers, to continue the search in the starship.  The four settlers called their new home Paradise.  With seven-tenths of its surface covered in water, deep blue skies and an abundance of lakes, rivers and lush forests, the planet is nothing like the Earth that they used to study in the ship's library,  But after four years, they are learning to accept its differences...
  • Book I of  The Dies Irae trilogy. Ten millennia has passed since the creation of the Beasts and since the word WAR was forgotten and remembered.  Ten thousand years of peaceful existence was wiped out, and for the first time Humans and Beasts were dying throughout the galaxy.  It should have been expected:  Man had created the Beats in his own image, and unfortunately, the Beasts were just like him.