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  • The story of Shaina the slave girl and Volk the outcast who enslaved himself to cosmic forces to gain total power.  These two would meet and clash with the entire world as the prize.
  • One day the tough, dangerous, dirty jobs will be done by robots...invulnerable soldiers with superhuman strength and killer instinct; miners and sandhogs who can work on distant planets too deadly for humans; incorruptible judges, fearing neither political pressure or criminal vengeance; librarians with total knowledge instantly available...a chilling, yet piercingly prophetic picture of the Robot Age -when Man's 'slave' machines have learned their own strength - and the weaknesses of their masters.

  • Book I of The Warrior trilogy. Stripped of his rank, exiled Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honour - by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII. But his newest Game World opponent - more skilled at Mech-to-Mech combat than any other rival - raises the stakes even higher. It's Justin's own half brother Daniel, lance commander in the dread Kell Hounds mercenary battalion. But Daniel has more serious worries than dealing with his embittered half brother. Princess Melissa Steiner, heir apparent of the Lyran Commonwealth, has been hijacked and the future of the Inner Sphere depends on her fate. Both Daniel and Justin face fierce battles, but in the Inner Sphere, where nobles have schemed for centuries to win the ultimate power, those who interfere with the Successor Lords are sometimes called heroes - and sometimes called victims.

  • Book II of The Hythrun Chronicles. It is eight years since Marla Wolfblade buried her second husband.  In that time she has become the power behind Hythria's throne.  But Alija, High Arrion of the Sorcerers' Collective, plots her downfall and the destruction of the Wolfblade line.  Marla's fortune may not now protect her and her son, Damin, growing up in far-off Krakander. Damin's uncle Mahkas is convinced that his only daughter is to marry Damin, an obsession that leads to tragic and unexpected results.  Meanwhile, Elezar the Fool must face his own crisis and his infamous Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power are of no use to him when his brother gets involved.

  • Freedom was an isolated planet, off the spaceways track and rarely visited by commercial spacers.  The trouble was, tourists and traders claimed the streets were crowded with mysterious sorts in blue robes and members of an alien species.  The native born humans claim it isn't so.  Such was the belief of Herrin the artist and Waden the autocrat - until a crisis of planetary identity forced a life and depth confrontation between the question of reality and the reality of the question.
  • A multi-dimensional explosion hurled the starship's few passengers across the galaxies and onto an uncharted barren tundra.  With no technical skills and scant supplies, the survivors face a bleak end in an alien world. One brave woman held the daring answer - but it was the most desperate one possible.
  • Domaris, disciple of the Temple of Light, was wrenched from her peaceful life by the arrival of the Atlantean prince Micon, whose powers over wind and sun, earth and fire are coveted by the sorcerers of the dark who would harness his gifts for their own evil ends. Soon, out of a tender, earthly passion, would rise forces that might decide the final victory.  Soon, Domaris would bear Micon a son - but Deoris, her sister, would be enthralled by the forces of darkness.

  • With Conan of Cimmeria, Red Sonja. the deadly warrior-maid battles the dark sorceries of the prison Isle of Os Harku, where a dark force feeds on the evil in the hearts of the traitors, murders and thieves incarcerated there.  It captures Athu, a SHemite sorcerer and drives him to attempt an escape and then search for the entrance to Hell.  During a sorcerous storm, the prisoners escape on a stolen ship.  But also on board is Red Sonja.
  • The children had been waiting for centuries for someone to hear their cries.  Now nine year old Christie has come to live in the house on the hill, the house where no children have lived for fifty years.  And it's in Christie's old-fashioned nursery on the third floor that the terror will begin.