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  • Book III of Loremasters of Elendium. Krulshards the Master of Darkness lies dead, his nightbeast armies destroyed. But there is sorrow in victory as King Holbian, entrusting Thane with his kingdom, goes to his rest at last.  King Thane returns with Elionbel as his bride to the new-built Granite City, bidding the people to return to their homes.  But the warning colours of Nevian's magician's cloak will not fade, which indicates  an uneasy peace. Where are those unhappy warriors who rejected the Candleman's son as king?  Who can explain the new-grown trees that loom menacingly at the Greenway's edge? And what is the deadly secret Elionbel refuses to divulge as a terrible shadowlight swirls across Elendium?
  • Every year hundreds of people around the world report 'alien encounters'. Most tell of alien spacemen - bizarre UFO inhabitants who seem to be more intent on medically or sexually abusing individual humans than being taken to our leaders - yet there are many other types of encounters. Among them: The West Virginia Mothman, the Tibetian Yeti, the Canadian Bigfoot, the Australian Bunyip and the Caribbean Goatsucker - weird, humanoid creatures which are clearly NOT human. Do lost breeds of subhumans roam the Earth's wildernesses? Were our first civilisations created by beings from another planet and did they leave us a sign in the gigantic "Face on Mars"?  Do records of Victorian-era sightings hint at ethereal beings who could transform themselves into whatever shape their audience expected? Is Mankind really alone?

  • Anger is a signal and one worth listening to. Anger deserves out attention and respect, yet women still learn to silence their anger, deny it entirely to to vent it in a way that laves them feeling helpless and powerless. Here, women can learn to identify the real source of their anger and to use it as a powerful vehicle for creating meaningful and lasting change.

  • A small boy stands by a grave, his eyes wide, his face ashen...A man looks lovingly at a body, the eyes twitching, barely alive...a senior investigator stalks his prey:  a genius, a monster, a bloodsucker... The dying don't live to tell the tale.
  • Legends told of how the evil god Torak had coveted the power of the Orb of Aldur until defeated in a final battle.  But prophecy spoke of the time when he would awake and again seek dominance over all the world.  Now the Orb has been stolen by a priest of Torak and the time is nigh. Master Sorcerer Belgarath and his daughter Polgara the arch-sorceress are on the trail or the Orb to reclaim it before the final disaster.
  • The coronation celebrations for George I were state-ordained gaiety - a brittle, artificial gaiety.  For many the rightful king was still the Stuart Pretender over the water.  In the vigorous North country, the Jacobites were strong.  Mary Lawley felt the country's conflicting loyalty in her own heart.  The two men in her life were committed by birth and conviction to the opposing sides.
  • At 2.20 p.m. on May 7, 1915, the Cunard liner Lusitania was struck by a German torpedo, sinking the giant ship in 18 minutes and drowning over 1,200 passengers and crew.  Here is the story of the last voyage of the doomed ship and the men and women who lived and died.
  • Regarded as a terrifying mix of fact and fancy, here is the now famous story of the evil possession of a little girl called Regan, and the battle for her soul.
  • The first of Cornwell's Scarpetta stories.  In Richmond, Virginia, three women have died, brutalised and strangled in their own bedrooms.  The only connection is that the killer always strikes early on Saturday mornings.  And when Scarpetta is woken at 2.33 a.m., she knows there is a fourth victim.  She must dig up new forensic evidence to aid the police.  But not everyone is pleased to see a woman in a powerful job.  There are some who want to ruin her career and reputation.