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  • Book II of The Dawning Shadow. The godlike rulers of the High Inquest had forsaken allt hat made them human.  But one young Inquestor rediscovered the powers of compassion and hastened the end of their ancient, starflung empire.
  • Book I of The Dancing Shadow. For countless millennia the godlike Inquestors ruled a million worlds with unimaginable power, waging unending war on false Utopias. Ton Davaryush has destroyed a dozen worlds in the service of that dark crusade.  But on the thirteenth world, he glimpsed a dazzling truth that would sow the seeds of the Inquest's destruction.
  • It's 1942, the Titanic is still cruising and the world is at peace.  Suddenly, there's a distress call from Counter-Earth, our twin planet on the other side of the sun.  A ship is launched with Albert Einstein and the first woman pro baseball player - Babe  Didriksen - on the crew. But at the same time, Juan Peron and his lovely Evita launch a faster ship from Argentina, armed for war in space. Who will reach Counter-Earth first? A brains-and-baseball alliance of American heroes?  Or an Argentinian temptress and her fascist husband? Reviewed as  'audaciously inventive...a wild romp through a very strange universe.'
  • Twelve thousand feet above the desert planet Calferon floats an aerial world of rugged landscapes created by a unique symbiosis of rock and plant -  world whose people have known strife, but not war...until now. A ruling duke disappears.  A medallion believed to possess strange powers falls into evil hands. Paul Benjarth, heir to the throne of Fief Karcan, embarks on a terrifying journey of enlightenment that brings him to the doorstep of Creation - or doom. With revelation comes choices, and Paul must make all the right ones now or his people will face centuries of enslavement.
  • Falk was a fully grown man, alone in a dense forest with no trail to show him where he had come from or who - or what - he was. The forest people took him in and raised him almost as a child, teaching him to speak and training him in forest lore.  But they could not solve the riddle of his past. So he set out on a perilous quest to Es Toch, City of the Shing, the Liars of the Earth and the Enemy of Mankind, to find his true self.
  • In the year that Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii, the Roman centurion Vitellan set off for the 21st century as Imperial Rome's last human powered time machine.  He killed an unfaithful lover just by letting her grow old but her hate pursued him across seven centuries. In 1358 he stood with a few dozen knights against an army of nine thousand to defend a beautiful countess - and earned a love that would conquer death.  Now Vitellan has awakened in the 21st century, bewildered, betrayed and hunted in a world where bodies and minds are swapped and memories are bought, sold and read like books. But worst of all, a deadly enemy from the 14th century is alive and closing in.
  • Since his childhood, Pol Tyrees was groomed for the Cadre, the intergalactic super-police force,  As a Cadre officer, he carried out each task efficiently and emotionlessly, whether it was investigating shady deals, interrogating prisoners or killing traitors. But during an assignment on remote Tercet, one of that planet's Mystic Seers taught him a whole new way of thinking and Pol began to ask questions - that would bring him into direct conflict with the Cadre.
  • Book VI of the Krishna series. When Fergus Reith agrees to act as tour guide for famed paleontologist Dr. Aristide Marot, he doesn't know that the search for elusive Ozymandias will uncover spectacular riches, ruthless adversaries - and his former wife, the seductive Dr. Alicia Dyckman. Caught in a bloody civil war, the three adventurers must fight or face death by boiling in the Cauldron of Repentance.
  • Book I. The Annals of the Dinochrome Brigade. The great artillery machines developed by the Bolo Division of General Motors took on awareness in later designs and gradually began to replace man in that most human of endeavours - WAR! Here, in the first of this landmark series, the ultimate fighting machines tell their own fascinating, far-ranging and ultimately tragic story.