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  • Lara thinks she may be losing her mind. The spirit of her Great Aunt Sadie is haunting her - in the form of a Charleston-mad flapper. She has a last request - Lara has to track down a missing necklace, as Sadie can't rest without it.  Lara's already got enough problems: her start -up company is floundering, her business partner's just run off to Goa and she's been dumped by the love of her life.  But she finds life with Sadie is actually rather glamorous and the treasure hunt turns into something intriguing and romantic.  A good and fun mystery story.

  • When high school sweethearts Karen and Richard Sharpe married, they shared an interest in medicine, a desire for a family and dreams for the future.  For Karen, the dream turned into a nightmare. After years of abuse at the hands of her physician husband, she tried to end their 27-year marriage.  Fearing a crushing divorce settlement, Richard ended the marriage first by unloading a .22 rifle into Karen's chest.  The murder revealed more than Boston society was ready for: Richard Sharpe's compulsive cross-dressing, with a preference for his own daughter's underwear; his taking of hormones to grow breasts, even stealing his wife's birth control pills to help the process.  But there was more - much more...Illustrated with black and white photographs.

  • The volume contains: Time Enough, Lewis Padgett; The Soul-Empty Ones, Walter Miller Jr; Defender of the Faith, Alfred Coppel; All of You, James V. McConnell; The Holes and Beast in the House, Michael Shaara; Little Boy, Jerome Bixby; Unwillingly to School, Pauline Ashwell; Brother Robot and The Stuff, Henry Slesar; The Risk Profession, Donald E. Westlake; Arcturus Times Three, Jack Sharkey; They Are Not Robbed, Richard McKenna; The Creatures of Man, Verge Foray; Only Yesterday, Ted White; An Agent In Place, Laurence M. Janifer.
  • Once the looting didn't start until the enemy was defeated. But in North Africa no-one hung around waiting for the retreat. With half of Egypt waiting open-armed for anything going, people simply stole whatever was nailed down and flogged it on the Cairo black market. The British -the Italians - Rommel's Afrika Corps - they all used each other's captured vehicles, uniforms and stores.  This is how the Desert Ratbags - a concert party stranded behind the Italian lines - operate. With their very special skills,  from pilfering to stage performing, they not only survive, but see a little action for themselves.
  • Book II of The Grail Quest.  In Harlequin, Thomas of Hookton travelled to France as an archer and there discovered a shadowy destiny, which linked him to a family of heretical French lords who sought Christendom's greatest relic: the Holy Grail. Vagabond continues the story of a search that Thomas is reluctant to pursue. He doubts the Grail's existence, and he has other promises to keep, promises that take him back to Brittany where a vicious civil war is about to reach its climax. But other folk, far more powerful than Thomas and his friends, fear the rumour of the Grail's existence and force Thomas to pursue the relic, while his enemies, faceless and ruthless, fear Thomas's destiny and determine to destroy him. Thomas's allies are few and weak: a hedge priest, a renegade French knight, a Jewish adventurer and a crippled English soldier - but now they must unite and find greater strengths to pierce the mysteries of Christendom.

  • Here is a unique story,  written by William Thornley, a former Surrey corn merchant who emigrated to Hobart Town in 1817. It records his twenty-two years as a free settler in a penal colony, when pursuing a gang of hostile bush rangers and facing hostile aborigines was all in a day's work, and a trip to Hobart Town meant witnessing a public execution. It was an era in  which life was, for many, violent, brutish and short. But Thornley also shows us the humour and human aspects of life in early Van Diemen's Land in this amazing, man-on-the-spot narrative. The book came into the possession of John  Mills when he bought an old house, and discovered it in a pile of rubbish left behind. He has edited it into a form more readily acceptable to modern readers to make it more concise, but has retained the phraseology and idiom of Thornley. Black and white illustrations.
  • A company of American soldiers is overrun and slaughtered by the Vietcong.  US Special Forces Captain Mack Gerber is assigned to head the investigation into the massacre.  Evidence clearly shows that the men had been taken completely unawares and under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Rumours are rife that drug use among GIs is increasing alarmingly is becoming a command issue.  Top brass are aware that Saigon prostitutes are distributing Thai sticks, opium and heroin as part of a VC plot to undermine the US war effort.  Gerber feels that the pursuit of pushers in Saigon is more dangerous than field cobat and if he's caught, the authorities will disclaim any knowledge of the mission. "Eric Helm" is the pen name of to Vietnam veterans who saw it all, did it all and lived to tell it all.
  • In Viriconium, the young men whistle to one another all night long as they go about their deadly games.  If you wake suddenly you may hear footsteps running, or an urgent sigh. After a minute or two the whistles move away int the direction of the Tinmarket or the Margarethestrasse. The next day some lordling is discovered in the gutter with his throat cut and all you remember is the quiet maneuvering in the dark like the dream of a secret war. Who can tell fantasy from reality, magic from illusion, hero from villain, man from monster - in Viriconium?

  • Colene is attractive, intelligent and popular, but she's also a young woman who is screwed up, depressed and suicidal. On the outside she sparkles, on the inside her soul is rotting.  The idea of death represents freedom but she can't bring herself to take the final plunge.  Then on day she finds an unconscious man by the roadside, with no identification.  He's injure, so she helps him, as he seems very strange and speaks a strange language.  She learns to communicate with him and finds out that his name is Darius and he is a ruler of part of his world in a universe where magic works.  But the source of his magic is dwindling and he's desperate to find a partner to help him replenish his power.  He's dared the infinite network of worlds to find his partner.