Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • July 1945.  For Germany the war is over.  But in POW Camp 8 on the outskirts of Garmisch, one man refuses to believe that his duty to the Fatherland is over.  Erich Seyss, once one of Germany's greatest Olympic sprinters, now awaits trial for war crimes committed as a fanatical officer in the SS.  But he has no intention of facing his accusers.  He is determined to run last one race for Germany.  Devlin Judge, an International Military Tribunal lawyer, is given seven days to track Seyss down.  An almost impossible task.  Not only must he outwit an elite killer trained to operate behind enemy lines, but he must also discover the extraordinary conspiracy to which Seyss is the key.
  • Book II in The Book of Isle trilogy. Like a misty fog, a dark force rolls over the Isle of Welas.  Proud Prince Trevyn must embark on a quest to free the Isle of evil's grip and realise his own legendary destiny.
  • A full length Saint novel. Amos Klein's thrillers were such hot property that his publisher kept his whereabouts a secret. Someone desperately wanted to find him, for reasons more fantastic than even the author  could have devised - perhaps to prove that truth is just as strange as fiction.  But you don't knock The Saint on the head and expect him to forget it - nor do you improve your chances of success by mistaking Simon Templar for Amos Klein.

  • November, 1943. Hitler sanctions his boldest mission yet - to kill President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill as they visit Cairo for a secret conference to plan the Allied invasion of Europe. Only one man is capable of leading the mission: Major Johann Halder, one of the Abwehr's most brilliant agents, a man with a tortured soul and a talent for the impossible. Accompanied by an undercover team and young Egyptologist Rachel Stern, Halder must race against time across the hostile desert to reach Cairo and successfully carry out the assignment - or forfeit his own life and that of his young son. When U.S. military intelligence learn of the plot, Lt. Colonel Harry Weaver is assigned to hunt down and eliminate Halder and his time.  But for Weaver, there's more than the balance of the war and the Allied leaders at stake.

  • The last brilliance and final tragic ending of Anglo-Saxon England woven around the charismatic figure of Hereward the Wake and Harold Godwineson.  Hereward's boyhood unfolds against a background of poisonous intrigue as the ailing Edward the Confessor prepares for death - while the Viking raven and the Norman wolf prepare to devour England's carcass. After Harold's defeat at Hastings, it is left to the once-exiled Hereward to lead the last defiant stand against the invader.
  • When an angry octogenarian holds a terrified and lovelorn secretary at gunpoint, Inspector Montalban is reluctantly drawn into the case.  The secretary's boss a financial adviser, is missing, along with several billion lire belonging to the good citizens of Vigata.  Also  missing is the financial adviser's young colleague, whose uncle just happens to be building a house on the site of Inspector Montalban's favourite olive tree...
  • Frank and Allison just wanted a place to settle, a refuge from the memories of their little boy Joey dying so young.  So they bought the old schoolhouse in a small American town, feeling that their need for security, stability and something good and wholesome was satisfied.  Until the ghosts from another time started to invade their daily loves, and the visions from a hundred bizarre and twisted childhoods threatened to turn their lives inside out.
  • Dr Lauren Wagner was involved in the most exciting adventure humanity had ever undertaken.  She had the admiration and respect of the whole world.  But inside her, voices were entreating her to love them.  Then there was the mystery of the missing group that had gone before her.  The DEAD group.  But were they dead?
  • The volume comprises: St. Peter's Fair: The great fair attracts merchants from far and wide to do business. But when a quarrel erupts between the local burghers and the monks of the Benedictine monastery, a riot ensues.  Afterwards, a merchant is found dead - and Brother Cadfael is summoned from his peaceful herb garden to be a detective. The Leper of Saint Giles: A marriage is arranged between an ageing nobelman and a very young woman by greedy guardians.  Both parties arrive in Shewsbury with their retinues, then a savage killing drags Brother  Cadfael from his herbarium and to the leper house of St Giles, where the killer may be hiding. The Virgin in the Ice: The raging civil war of 1139 has sent many refugees fleeing north, including two orphans of a noble family and their companion, a nun.  But they have disappeared somewhere int he wild winter landscape and Cadfael sets out to find them.