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  • The sequel to The Snow Queen. BZ Gundhalinu left Tiamat before the Stargate closed, cutting him off forever from the woman he loves:  Moon Dawntreader Summer is now the Summer Queen and the BZ knows he can never again be her lover. An outcast, he travels to the planet Four: a wild planet where all the rogues and ruffians in the Universe gather to plunder the mineral wealth of the vast uncharted wilderness known as World's End. But there is more to World's End than dangerously-won riches. There is a chance for BZ to unlock the secrets of Old Empire technology and to rediscover his soul, his destiny and his love.

  • The Alastor Cluster is made up of thirty thousand inhabited planets whose sole protector of law is the mysterious Connatic. On the planet Wyst, Number 1716 of the Alastor Cluster, can be found a Utopia - or so it claims. There, in one great city live millions of people, sharing alike, working in  absolute equality for just a few hours a week.  But there is something decidedly strange about it all which finally forces the Connatic to send a trusted investigator to bring back the facts - even at the cost of his life.

  • In Victorian London, a thick blanket of fog covers the city. As the sickly vapours enshroud the night, Felicia Lamb seeks the world beyond life - willingly accepting the embrace of the Undead to find it. Her fiance, Reginald Callender, stalks the dark streets,  pursuing his bride-to-be and the immortal creature who stole her away. And blood-drinker Don Sebastian de Villaneuva searches for sanctuary amongst the hansom cabs and gaslights.  But in a society where spirituality masks morbidity and respectability conceals rapacious cruelty, can even a vampire's kiss ensure eternal love?