Slight edgewear

//Slight edgewear
  • Sixteen humans have come together on Damiem, a planet where a dream was once stolen and atrocities once took place.  They have gathered to view the last rising of a manmade nova. Soon, masks will be shed and time will warp. Soon, some will die and others will kill.  Some will lie and others go mad.  Some will seek love, and others release.  Some will find justice and others judgment. They await the light of the Murdered Star. Cover art by Joe Bergeron.
  • The great majority of people do not realize that the culture and social customs of the Australian indigenous people are a unique survival from the distant past. What to us is only too often a treeless, desert waste, where the mirage mocks the weary traveller, is to them a homeland with a story or legend attached to every feature. This is a chance to step back into a remote past and share in daily life of an ancient people. Illustrated with black and white photos.
  • Tommy and Tuppence visit an unpleasant aunt in a rest home and this is the beginning of murder, ladies disappearing from rest-homes, sinister empty houses and black magic - a classic Christie cast.
  • When Tommy a Tuppence Beresford visit an unpleasant old bat of an aunt at a rest home, they encounter disappearing old ladies, sinister empty houses and black magic.
  • Since his childhood, Pol Tyrees was groomed for the Cadre, the intergalactic super-police force,  As a Cadre officer, he carried out each task efficiently and emotionlessly, whether it was investigating shady deals, interrogating prisoners or killing traitors. But during an assignment on remote Tercet, one of that planet's Mystic Seers taught him a whole new way of thinking and Pol began to ask questions - that would bring him into direct conflict with the Cadre.
  • Carrie is a shy, gawky fifteen-year old girl with a mother who's a religious fanatic  - Carrie's always the odd one out. She's the one they all laugh at.  All she wants is to be normal, and be accepted by her peers. But after a traumatic bullying incident, Carrie finds she has telekinetic abilities. When she's invited to Prom Night by handsome Tommy Ross, it's a dream come true - it looks as if she can take the first step toward social acceptance. But when her classmates heap the ultimate humiliation on her, her abilities create a horrific, endless  Prom Night, making them all sorry...King's first novel, continuously in print since 1974. Cover art by Larry Rostant.

  • The epic battles between the Trojans and the Greeks told in Cassandra's own words.  She believes that she is free at last to tell her story, yet there are still many secrets to be uncovered and her own tragic tale is not yet ended.
  • Nora Marten makes her vaudeville  debut at the age of five and just eleven years later sets out on her own to become a Hollywood star in the golden heyday. She specialises in playing sexy, wise-cracking blondes - marries a crooner whose sexual abilities are 'something else' - loses the crooner to a husky-voiced ingenue - and is herself seduced by a demonically dynamic Jewish impresario!  Author Joan Blondell was herself a 'wise-cracking blonde' in Hollywood's heyday, starring with such greats as Tyrone Power and Katherine Hepburn.

  • Book II of The Saga of the Sidhe. The evil lord Balor and the dark Druid Mathgen send the traitorous Bres with an inhuman army to capture the isle of Eire. But the young hero Lugh and his band of Champions join together to defend their homeland. As the de Danaan warriors seek Queen Danu's cauldron on the mystic isle of  Manannan MacLir, Lugh and his beloved Aine host the Silver Riders to rouse the people for a final battle for the throne of the High Kings of Tara.